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November Newsletter

  • Whom Shall I Fear?
  • Swine Workshop
  • Fredrick Visits from Kenya
  • Thanksgiving
  • Prayers/Praises
Please prayerfully consider supporting the team at Hope in the Harvest. Your ongoing support of our missionaries and projects is necessary and will enable us to keep doing and sharing projects like the ones you read about below.

Whom Shall I Fear? 
Spiritual Warfare in Ganta

Fear, suspicion and superstition, secret societies, witchcraft, false beliefs, and human sacrifice are still all too common in Liberia. Once again in 2019, Brian Smith and Agristrewards are are partnering with HITHMI for spiritual warfare training.  Pastor Fredrick Kariuki from Kenya is here to help with the teaching.  Together with Pastor Bill and local pastors, training workshops are held in Ganta and Monrovia.  Local village communities are engaged and light shines in the darkness.


The theme this year is “Whom Shall I Fear” with Psalm 27 as the foundation.  It can be painful, but oh, so important for the practices that are even in the church to be identified and repented of.  A child was recently beaten to death in a church in Ganta in the belief  that the child was a witch and they were beating the devil out.  Markings, tattoos, or cuttings on the body are done based on false beliefs and superstitions.  Blessings and curses are believed to be the result of rituals performed whether by secret societies or church.  When Jesus encountered demons, it was the demons who were afraid.  Shining the light of God's Word in the darkness is not something extra to do, if we have the time.  It is essential to making Jesus known in a dark world.   Pray for the light to shine and for the people of Liberia to walk in the light of God's Word and truth.

Swine Produces Workshop

In Liberia, many farmers have a tendency to want to work independently and there is a general distrust they have of each other. Many times in this culture, when someone succeeds at what they are doing, they keep it very secret, because there is fear that someone will come try to take that success away from them...or worse, harm them out of jealousy of their success. This is something which unfortunately we see happening a lot here and it is heartbreaking, Liberia needs more partnerships! We need to work together and build one another up, learn from each other's failures, celebrate each other's successes, pull our resources together to do more! This part month the ARC welcomed and hosted about 19 pig farmers from throughout Nimba County for a networking/brainstorming/learning workshop.
Nathan and our staff shared some tips for basic management practices to keep our pigs healthy and our businesses economically viable. Pastor Bill encouraged everyone and explained the importance of collaboration along and in the pig value chain as well as shared tips for marketing and ideas for how to add value to our businesses. We all had delicious pork burgers for lunch (as a practical example of how to add value to pork) and then closed the meeting in prayer that God would continue to bring this group together and deepen relationships so that the swine industry, and agriculture, in general would one day flourish here in Liberia!

AgriStewards Sends Fredrick Kariuki to the ARC

Our friend Fredrick is visiting from Kenya, thanks to AgriStewards who helped to sponsor his trip here to Liberia!! Fredrick is a dear friend of the ARC. He has been traveling to Liberia at least once a year over the last few years to help with teaching and preaching at our Spiritual Warfare Conferences. He has a heart for the Lord and sharing the truth in God's Word with all those he meets. Please pray for the duration of his time here in Liberia. 

Full House for Thanksgiving

We celebrated Thanksgiving 2019 in Liberia 🇱🇷 right here at the ARC! We had 29 people and 6 different countries represented and enjoyed turkey 🦃 and pumpkin 🥧 from the farm. It was a great time of fellowship with other missionaries, Peace Corps Volunteers, businessmen, etc. From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!!!
This month we had 47  children and 65 adult visitors to the ARC.
  • Pray for those pastors and community members in attendance at the spiritual warfare conferences that they would hear the Word of God and speak truth and light into the darkness of their communities.
  • Pray for the farmers in Ganta that they would find ways to increase unity among them for the good of the whole group.
  • Praise God for Fredrick's safe arrival to Liberia and prayers for his activities while here.
  • Praise God for the time of fellowship for Thanksgiving. It is not easy for our missionaries to be away from home during the holidays, but we know that times like this make it a little bit easier!
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