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July Newsletter

  • Liberia
  • Two Different Worlds: A Tale of Transition
  • Glenn Ministry Night- Recap
  • Interview with an Intern: Macy Alexander
  • Prayers/Praises
Please prayerfully consider supporting the team at Hope in the Harvest. Your ongoing support of our missionaries and projects is necessary and will enable us to keep doing and sharing projects like the ones you read about below.

Liberia in July- Protests & Independence 

This past month Liberia celebrated 172 years of Independence, on July 26th. The day is usually celebrated with food and time off from work. It is also very common for people to share small small gifts with family and friends and you will often hear the phrase "my 26th on you-oooo" meaning "my celebrations are on you, what do you have for me?" It's always a fun day. On another note, Liberia has a very interesting history and it's story of how it came to be the "first democratic republic in Africa" might be new to you. If you are interested in learning more, visit

Meanwhile, though spirits may have been high surrounding the independence day festivities, there is still some cause for concern as the protesting parties (those who planned the protests last month in regards to the corruption and declining economic situation) are planning another protest for July 31st. The first protest passed peacefully and we are praying the same for this one as well. Please keep this in your prayers as well.

Two Different Worlds: A Tale of Transition

By Bill Sebald

Liberia continues to struggle economically as inflation has now climbed to 202 Liberian dollars to 1 US dollar.  This equates to 100% inflation in just under 2 years.  This spells trouble for both buyer and seller in the local market.  The buyer can't afford the higher prices and the seller can't even raise prices to keep up with inflation.   A fat hog that would have sold for $350 US, now sells for $200 - $250.  Even at these lower prices, local buyers are few.


Meanwhile, back in the states, the Sebalds and the Glenns are adjusting to a very different world.  You wouldn't think that 9 months would have such a profound effect on our psyche.  Immediately upon arrival, we felt a sense of relief and peace from the chaos, begging, and frequent tragic deaths.  However, it was not long and we were experiencing sensory overload.  Living frugally in Liberia, searching diligently for what we need, we had forgotten the extent of marketing in the US.  Everyday, everywhere, our senses are being stimulated to buy, buy, buy.  You need it, you deserve it, you can't live without it!  Can't find what you are looking for?  Look again, we have it.  Need it sooner?  Overnight, for an additional fee.  Being away from this for 9 months made us quickly forget.  We weren't enjoying the invasion on privacy of all these marketing schemes and yet know that it is far better than where we just came from and signs of a robust economy.


We have shared the ministry of the past year with individuals as well as a few churches and especially our home church and family.  Sharing the pictures brings back a flood of memories.  It is hard to believe that so much could happen in 9 months.  The question and answer time mainly focuses the culture and ministering Jesus in the culture.  The presentations allow us to share far more than we could ever share in a newsletter.  Our children were asked, “What is the hardest thing about living in Liberia?”  Sam Sebald answered, “Watching the Liberians suffer.”


We still participate in the US economy when we are home.  We rely on income from painting for part of our personal support.  Painting apartments and rental properties around the Purdue campus is serious business.  Managing the work load can be stressful and tiring.  Bill, Ruth, Josiah, and Sarah work together in a family business that all of the children have been a part of over the years.  We have gotten more offers for work this year than we can even handle.  Two other painting crews work with us as well.   Sadness sets in as we realize that such opportunities can not currently be found in Liberia, and we can't bring Liberians here to work with us.


Can Hope in the Harvest Missions International make a difference?  Can the two very different worlds connect?  Christ centered, biblical development is the heartbeat of our mission.  Their is no worldly reason to be in Liberia.  There is every eternal reason to continue to share Jesus' love and God's plan for providing for body and soul in Liberia.  Your prayers and financial support makes a partnership that sends us back to continue this critical work.  Thank you for not forgetting us when we are in another world. Your partnership with us as missionaries and with Hope in the Harvest is deeply appreciated.

Glenn's Ministry Update Night & Dinner-
July 14th 

The Glenns had about 53 people come out to their ministry update night in Cockeysville, Maryland. It was a good night with lots of pictures, stories, delicious food, and good conversation. If you weren't able to make it, but want to see videos from night you can view the footage here:  You can also email them about because they'd love to catch up and talk more while they are home!

Interview with an Intern: Macy Alexander

Macy is a rising Junior at University of Arkansas. We got to sit down with her this past month and talk about her experience in Liberia. Here is a snippet of our talk:

What are you most proud of from this experience?
I am proud of some of the suggestions and help I provided to the Global Ag Class and the Roots Africa club. Also I’m pretty proud of myself for figuring out how to put together the Foldscopes (small paper microscopes that were donated). It took me pretty much a whole work day to figure it out, but it was really rewarding when it worked. Then some of the students videoed me putting them together for future reference so I was very happy to help with that. Peter, the lab technician, gave me a shout out in front of everyone on the last day for putting them together and it warmed my heart to have been able to help.
To check out the full interview, visit our blog post: 
This month we had 78 visitors to the ARC.
  • Prayers for Liberia's difficult economic and political situation and prayers for peace as the protests continue.
  • Prayers for the Glenns/Sebalds as they are back in the US. Pray for rest, pray for peace during the tension of transition, pray for their financial needs to be met so that they can return on time.
  • Praise for everything that has been done over these past few years through Hope in the Harvest and their partners and prayers for all that is yet to come.
  • Praise God for a safe arrival of our intern and prayers that more will continue to come in her place and join in the work at the ARC.
  • Prayers for the financial situation at LICC. Pray for finance to come in and pray for the leadership, for the incredible burden that they carry and for the wisdom to make sound decisions moving forward.
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