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September Newsletter

  • Message from HITH Board President
  • Back to School!
  • Women's Group SALE
  • Blessing of Multiplication
  • Message from Your Founders
  • Prayers/Praises
Please prayerfully consider supporting the team at Hope in the Harvest. Your ongoing support of our missionaries and projects is necessary and will enable us to keep doing and sharing projects like the ones you read about below.

Welcome to Gary Adams,
Your New HITH Mission Board President

Gary Adams is the new President of the Board of Hope In The Harvest.  Gary has had the pleasure of being apart of this board for the past 5 years, thanks in part to an introduction by Dan Lutes one of the previous board presidents.  He instantly fell in love with the vision Travis and Gina Sheets had for this mission and the God based teaching of Farming Gods Way.  Gary was blessed with the opportunity to visit the ARC in January of 2017 and the love for the Liberian people grew his passion for Hope in the Harvest even more.  His hope for the Mission is to continue the work in Liberia that God led Travis and Gina to begin with continued growth and empowering the people of Liberia, with the word of our Lord Jesus Christ and Farming Gods way. 

Back to School

Introduction to Agriculture 

This is a picture of our Introduction to Agriculture and Farming Gods Way class, a required course for all students at Liberia International Christian College (LICC). Required even for the Business, Theology, and Education majors.

Please pray for these students and our instructor, Ms. Goanue, as they begin the semester.

Agriculture is so often seen as a "poor man's job" or a "stupid man's work" rather than the exciting, scientific, enriching, rewarding, impactful, noble work that it truly is!

Please pray for this group that their eyes would be opened to all that agriculture is and can do for them, their communities, and their country.

Pray that they would come to appreciate the honor it is to be given the role of "steward" over this magnificent Creation.

Pray that they would come to grow in their relationship with their Creator throughout the semester as they learn how to "tend to and keep" the land. (Genesis 2:15).

Pray for all of our 61 registered Agriculture students and for the 140+
students of the school in general!

Blessing of Multiplication

“God blessed them (Adam and Eve) and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.”   Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food. “ Genesis 1:28-29 So God intended the population of mankind to increase.  He also provided the means to feed the population of the world as it grew.

The ministry of Hope in the Harvest Missions International is multiplying.  We hosted another Farming God's Way workshop at the ARC in September.  The fellowship was very encouraging.  Strong relationships were built.  16 participants represented 5 organizations or ministries.  2 have large plots of land they wish to develop with agriculture for sustainability.   Another intends to use FGW to spread the gospel in his town.  The workshops are not just about training, but also partnerships with others who share a love for the gospel and will model what is learned and train others who see their example.  The government does not have a solution to the poverty in Liberia, or for the curse of sin.  God does:  the blessing of multiplication.

Women's Group SALE

Purchase here:

Show your love for West African Lappa fabric designs with beautiful, handmade products while supporting the women in Ganta, Liberia.
Liberia International Christian College is the home of the Women's Resource Center where women are taught sewing skills to earn money and benefit their families.
My name is Holly Sebald, and I am working at Hope in the Harvest Mission in Ganta, Liberia and working with the LICC women to change Liberia one heart at a time. We are praying that this is just the beginning of a self-sustaining business for these women so they are able to become servants and leaders in their communities.
This is our second order. We are excited to announce a $261 profit from our last order this past summer and that we have also received several donations towards our embroidery machine. Thank you so much for your encouragement through prayers and orders.
Happy Christmas shopping!

Message from the HITH Founders:
Gina & Travis Sheets

By: Gina Sheets

It has been awhile since you, our partners, our champions, our prayer warriors, have heard from Travis and Gina Sheets in the newsletter.  Exciting work continues with Hope in the Harvest Missions International and now there is even more exciting news to share and the Sheets want to share this news with you.


As you know when Travis and I were living in Liberia (from 2012 to 2017) as part of the team extending Farming God’s Way remotely and building the Agriculture Research Center (ARC), demonstration farm, and School of Agriculture at the Liberia International Christian College we did so as volunteers.  We knew that undertaking these projects would require a lot of money so we felt we could not ask to raise support for ourselves.  In part ,that is why when our five years of commitment was up we needed to return back to the USA, because our savings had gotten very small, we still had a mortgage on our farm, utilities, insurance, and other expenses we paid during our time in Liberia.  We had to build up our savings again. 


When Nathan and Anna Glenn and Bill and Holly Sebald agreed to go and serve in Liberia at the ARC, Hope in the Harvest Missions International sent them and paid for most of their expenses in Liberia and airline tickets.  The funds that have been donated to the Glenns or to the Sebalds stayed in their own designated accounts and were allotted to them as their "salary" so they could still take care of the other things they still needed to do: such as make mortgage payments, buy health insurance (which is quite hefty for international coverage), save for retirement, pay for  all their own expenses during the 2-3 months each year in the states, professional development, and some personal expenses in Liberia,  etc. 


As Hope in the Harvest Missions International continues to gain recognition and interest we are excited to share that we growing and developing new partnerships.  We have hosted and have interest from interns from around the USA. We now see a time when we will have even more missionaries in Liberia, short term and long term (longer than one year) from around the world.  We have more requests for Farming God’s Way training and we need to be able to follow up on every training we do. We have been asked to do some exploratory visits in other countries to see about agriculture development, more on that later.  But ultimately we see the desire and need for us to continue to grow.


Because of this type of expansion the mission has come to realize that we cannot continue to pay for many of the in country expenses and air travel for all the mission families, plus continue the agriculture development and Gospel outreach around the world.  After over one year of searching, discerning and discussing, the mission and current missionaries have found a platform organization (Global Outreach) that will take over the administrative work  (fundraising, professional development, networking, emotional/spiritual care, newsletters) of mission families, reducing the administrative and financial burden on the mission and equipping the missionaries with a wider network of resources.  This platform will provide a fundraising platform for the missionaries, but Hope in the Harvest Missions International will continue to offer a donation link on its website, with funds going as designated. We, Hope In The Harvest Missions International, will pay $200.00 a month per mission family to Global Outreach in order to cover the cost of the handling of administrative duties to the platform organization, but the missionaries are still technically being sent by Hope in the Harvest Missions International.  The mission will still continue to provide the missionaries with some expense allowance (though much smaller than before) for in country needs and then the missionaries will use their funds raised to support their USA needs and the rest of their Liberia needs.  This allows the mission to able to concentrate more on the development needs of in country staff, projects, and programs. This change is beginning to take place and will be launched in June of 2020.  We are excited to be growing this way.


We talked about being going to more countries. In October Travis will go to the Philippines.  Travis has been asked by World Mission Builders, yes many of you will recognize that name because Travis first served on the international mission field with World Mission Builders, and the mission board approved, for Travis to go and look at the opportunities to work with Pastors and their congregation extending Farming God’s Way to them. 


What does this mean to you as a partner and champion of Hope in the Harvest Missions International?  It means your continued support will allow more programs and projects to continue to grow in Liberia and potentially around the world.  It means you will help people who are being called by God to go and serve and have the opportunity to serve with Hope in the Harvest Missions International.  It means you are continuing the efforts of answering the call to go and make disciples.

You may make your donations on line at or may your check to Hope in Harvest, 352 West Clinton Street, Frankfort IN 46041.

Thank you for your partnership.  Liberia continues to flourish and experience new development opportunities and now other countries may have that same opportunity, we are very grateful to serve alongside you as Kingdom builders.

This month we had 70  children and 55 adult visitors to the ARC.
  • PRAISE God for our new HITH president and for the passion and heart of service that he is bringing to the organization. We thank God also for the service of Shan Sheridan, our outgoing board president.
  • PRAISE that the school was finally able to pay their staff this past month. We continue to pray though for the upcoming months and that God would guide the administration in the way forward as they seek more sustainable solutions to this financial crisis. 
  • PRAISE for the Women and Girl's Institute and the impact that they are making on the lives of women in our community. We PRAY for continued outreach and growth within the community and depth in our relationships so that we can continue to share the good news with them.
  • PRAISE for the multiplication that God gives us in Creation, we PRAY for all those who come through out gates to learn more about agriculture and the gospel and we PRAY for them as they go back to their communities that the multiplication of disciples eager to learn and teach would continue on through them.
  • PRAISE God for the ways in which HITH continues to grow and expand even outside of Liberia. We PRAY for the board and for the missionaries during these times of transition and that God would continue to supply all the needs as He continues to lay out and grow His vision for the ministry of HITH.
  • PRAYERS for Liberia's difficult economic and political situation and prayers for peace and development. The rate is continuing to climb and health workers are on strike; things sometimes seem dismal but where there is no way, we know that God can make a way.
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