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May 2015 Newsletter

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Latest Update on the Livable Urban Futures Fast Track Initiative/Cluster Activity

The Livable Urban Futures FTI/Cluster Activity, a collaboration between the Urbanization and Global Environmental Change (UGEC) Project and the Stockholm Resilience Centre, kicked off with a three-day Scoping Meeting at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, USA from March 11-13, 2015.

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UGEC now a Future Earth Project

The UGEC International Project Office and Scientific Steering Committee are pleased to announce that, as of April 28th, the Urbanization and Global Environmental Change Project is officially a Future Earth Project. We’re very excited to join this new organization, and look forward to working with the Executive Director Paul Shrivastava and the rest of the Future Earth Global Secretariat in furthering research on urbanization and global sustainability.

Recent Articles

Climate Injustice
and Cities
(Part 1) & (Part 2)
by Peter Marcotullio
Upcoming Articles

Pablo Suarez, Aynur Kadihasanoglu & Julie Arrighi - International Red Cross Red Crescent

Thomas Sek Khuen Tang - AECOM

Alex Aylett - UCS-INRS

Humphrey Ngala Ndi - University of Yaounde I

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The International Social Science Council (ISSC) calls for applications from outstanding early career social scientists around the world to become World Social Science Fellows and participate in a World Social Science Seminar on Sustainable Urbanization on “Urban governance to tackle urban poverty and environmental sustainability.”

The seminar will take place from 9-13 September 2015 in Durban, South Africa.

Deadline for Applications is June 8, 2015 at 00:00 GMT

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Dr. Yangfan Li, a project associate of UGEC organized a symposium on the New-Type Urbanization and Ecological Civilization of Coastal China

The symposium was held at the College of the Environment & Ecology, Xiamen University, China on May 8th, 2015. Dr. Karen Seto, co-chair of UGEC was invited to give a talk about the key results from the IPCC 5th Assessment Report and how it pertains to cities. 

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Recent Publications

Deng, X.Z., Huang, J.K., Rozelle, S., Zhang, J.P., & Li, Z.H. (2015) Impact of urbnaization on cultivated land change sin China. Land Use Policy, 45, pp. 1-7. doi: 10.1016/j.landusepol.2015.01.007

Francesch-Huidobro, M., (2014). Climate Policy Learning in Cities: the case of Hong Kong and its modest achievements. Asia Pacific Journal of Public Administration, 36(4), pp. 283-300. doi:  10.1080/23276665.2014.975904

Güneralp, B., Güneralp, I., & Liu, Y. (2015). Changing global patterns of urban exposure to flood and drought hazards. Global Environmental Change 31, pp. 217-225. doi: 10.1016/j.gloenvcha.2015.01.002

Güneralp, B., Perlstein, A., & Seto, K.C. (2015). Balancing urban growth and ecological conservation: A challenge for planning and governance in China. Ambio. 
doi: 10.1007/s13280-015-0625-0

Kennedy, C.A, et al. (2015). Energy and material flows of megacities. PNAS, 112(19), pp. 5985 - 5990. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1504315112 

McDonald, R.
Güneralp, B., Zipperer, W., & Marcotullio, P. (2015). The Future of Global Urbanization and the Environment. Solutions Journal, 6(5), pp. 60 - 69. 
Upcoming Events

Urban Transitions 2016 will take place 5-9 September 2016 in Shanghai, China and will bring together researchers, policy-makers, government representatives and practitioners to communicate and share the latest research and practice in these areas.

Contributions are invited on the conference topics for presentation alongside high-level invited speakers. The deadline for submission of abstracts is 3 March 2016.

We welcome your participation and hope to welcome you to Shanghai, one of the world great cities, in September 2016.

Darren Robinson, University of Nottingham, UK
Karen C. Seto, Yale University, USA
Co-Chairs: Urban Transitions 2016