The February Becker Associates Newsletter
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The Becker Newsletter
February 2014 Edition

Board Development Workshop: New Date!

As many of you know, we started offering Christina's Board Development Workshop last year as a cost-effective venue to help every board member, seasoned and fresh, get a better sense of what being on a Board of Directors really means. It's been a great success so far, with people walking away from all three feeling informed and often renewed in their passion for the great volunteer work they do with their respective associations.

This coming March 1st in Toronto and March 29th in Montreal, we're offering those who haven't yet, the opportunity to benefit from CJ's 30 years in the field.
"The workshop was excellent. The good news is that I think we are already about 90% there in terms of what we should be doing. For the remaining 10%, I have a checklist that we can work through as well as a bunch of good ideas."
- Jim Montgomery, Treasurer of the Ontario Archeological Society

Good Reads

Member Recruitment Gone Wrong
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Practical advice for those seeking bring in new members with any sort of mass marketing.

Seduced and Abandoned: Agencies and their Volunteers
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The key to a strong volunteer force is more about keeping them then getting them.

Three Ways to Increase Your Nonprofit's Social Media Engagement
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The Heart Rending Truth About Association Management
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A short story about why we all do what we do.

Ray of hope for magazines in the digital era
via UofT Scarborough
While not directly related to the journals we manage in that most don't advertise, this may offer some insight as to why being both online and in print is beneficial for a publication's image.

Becker Launches New Website for the AAO

After months of hard work on both sides, BA has launched a new, vastly improved and mobile-friendly website for the AAO.
Saturday March 1st

Board Development and Training for Not-for-Profits

1:30pm-4:30pm @ The Centre for Social Innovation (Annex)


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