The Last BN of 2014!
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The Becker Newsletter
December 2014 Edition

Hello again!

After a long and busy break, The BN (Becker Newsletter) is back. As per usual, we have rounded up a few choice articles to help your non-profits continue moving forward in a thoughtful way. Starting us off is a contribution from our own Vice President, Christina Becker, on what it means to be a volunteer leader.

We have a lot of improvements coming for our clients in the new year and hope everyone's holiday seasons are off to a great start!

-The Becker Team

From The Blog

Volunteer Leadership: A Primer

Leadership is about guiding and articulating vision. That vision needs to be externally focused and serve the needs and the interests of members.

Good Reads

How To Plan And Run A Great Conference Experience
via Smashing Magazine
An in depth article outlining ways to put on a great conference.

Nonprofit Annual Reports: Three ways to save time and money
via NTen
2015 is right around the corner. Julia Reich presents three ways that non-profits can save time and money when creating annual reports.

Tragic Loss Brings Valuable Lesson for Gay Pilots Association
via Associations Now
How prepared is your organization?  Here's a good read about the importance of having a succession plan in order should you lose key members.

Upcoming Events

TBA - We've been conducting new and exciting consulting projects that are being turned into seminars for all to enjoy. On top of that, we're testing out delivering these sessions virtually via webinar for all to enjoy regardless of location.

Don't worry, you'll be the first to know when we launch!
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