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The Becker Newsletter
Movember 2013 Edition

Becker Mos For The Future

Last year, the Becker Movember crew, Team Fun Hard, made a splash with our odd tribute collages in an effort to entertain for the cause of fighting prostate cancer. As many of you may known, it is an issue that is close to everyone at the company, particularly Adam and Christina Becker who's father, John, passed away from it in 2010. We understand the seriousness of undiagnosed illness but also realize that giving doesn't have to be a sombre activity.

Team Fun Hard takes the concept of Movember to the next level by going out of our way to make people smile, and in exchange we ask anyone who can to donate to our team and aid in our efforts to 'change the face of men's health' forever. And we're back at it in 2013! We hope the effort we put every week will encourage all of Becker's friends and associates to chip in whatever they can by visiting our team page and making a donation today.

Good Reads

#Content Marketing For Nonprofits
Interesting tidbits fromt the 2014 Nonprofit Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, And Trends report for North America. Good statistics for any marketer (non or for profit) to keep in mind when allocating valuable resources like time.

Overhead Costs: The Obsession Must Stop
via Stanford Social Innovation Review
"...we have seen firsthand the importance of giving all organizations the ability to invest in people and infrastructure to ensure their organization’s performance."

Why Don't Members Care About Advocacy?
via Associations Now
A short article from just after last year's US Presidential Election that poses a useful question for all Boards and Advocacy Committees to consider 'Are your members with you for short-term gains or the overarching image?'

You Have 6 Nonprofit Story Types to Tell (Part Two)
We shared part one of this piece in the first of our rebranded newsletters. The conclusion, while perhaps not as profound, contains strong tips to crafting your association's image through storytelling.

Neema (our office dog) poses for picture!

The incredibly elusive Neema, both our office dog and mascot, very rarely gets in front of cameras. When she does, she has usually turned away shyly. Recently, however, out of nowhere she decided to stare at Senior Association Manager, Seamus Gearin, and didn't flinch when he pointed his camera at her. So, we did what we had to do and based our first group Movember pic on her adorable puppy dog face.

Click the link below for a larger pic of the above within our blog's Movember announcement.


New Anti-Spam Laws to Affect Non-Profits

Our blog post from January, quickly outlining upcoming changes to Canada's anti spam law.
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