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Introducing Evelyn Rose:

You may have noticed that I haven't sent out a newsletter in quite a long time. I was busy growing a baby which, unfortunately, took all of my energy for a very long 9 months. Fortunately, that baby is here now! Evelyn Rose was born on May 11th, at 8 lbs 5 oz and 21" long. Her arrival was rather dramatic - I wrote down her birth story wherein you can read all about her being born in the front seat of the car. While she's mostly in swaddles so far, I have a stack of clothes that I made for her and a selection of heirlooms from my hope chest that I can't wait for her to grown into!

Red Knit Shrugigan:
I did very little sewing while pregnant (though I did manage to sew a totally fabulous fox-print diaper bag and a day-glo maternity jacket that I absolutely adore and may someday decide to rip apart and de-maternity-ify it because it is just that awesome). I did quite a bit of knitting because I could do it from the couch. I had a lengthy set of requirements that I gave myself for the projects, the main one being that I would wear the knit garment in my non-pregnant life as well. This red knit shrugigan turned out to be a smashing success, as did the twist-front sweater and the "neutral" fringe-front cardigan I knit.

Outfit of the Week:

I have essentially no me-made garments that fit at the moment, but I'm enjoying dressing Evie in a few of the things that I have made for her, like this anchor print sleep sack (that has a sentimental story behind it). I was delighted to find that my mom happened to be wearing a matching anchor print blouse (an Up In Arms Blouse) that I had made for her as well!

Behind the Scenes:

Since I desperately need some new clothing that will fit my post-natal body I've decided to start with a simple, basic blouse that I can wear with everything. Because flamingos are the new black, right?

Check out:

Apparently, putting dogs in baby swings is a thing. This video of two dogs swinging made me laugh so hard I was crying. Maybe it's the sleep deprivation making me hysterical, but it should at least put a smile on your face :) 

Buy It:

I am crushing on this yellow sundress from the June 2016 BurdaStyle. It's not nursing friendly, so it won't work for me this summer, but maybe you could sew it up and send me photos so I could live vicariously?

Make It:

It's swimwear month at the Curvy Sewing Collective and they have a bunch of great posts planned. I'll be chiming in with a tutorial on adding bust support to swimsuits, so keep your eyes out for that. I have a ton of swimsuit tutorials on my site as well, and I'm thinking about following my own tankini hack on a Nautilus Swimsuit so I have a swimsuit that will fit me this summer!

Make It:

I crocheted a new rug for our bedroom to go at the foot of our bed. I used my Spaghetti Lace Rug pattern and modified it to be runner length. It's a great way to use extra-bulky or recycled t-shirt yarn! Fancy making one yourself?
Having a post-natal body is discombobulating. I expected my body to grow and change with pregnancy, but I never really considered what it would be like after giving birth. I knew it would be quite a while before I got back to the body I'm used to (or something close), but I didn't really consider what it  would look and feel like in the meantime. Right now I'm 30 lbs heavier than I have ever been (I gained 50 lbs with pregnancy) and my shape is completely different. I've been pretty much the same slender pear shape since going through puberty. My hips and natural waist are 2-3" larger than normal but my bust and low waist are 6-7" larger than normal so I'm not only a different size but a totally different shape as well.

I'm okay with the change in my body. It needed to go through these changes to do the amazing thing that it did (i.e. grow a baby!). But it is pretty weird to not recognize my body and a little frustrating to have no idea how to dress it. Not only do I not fit into any of my clothes, I don't quite know what new clothes to make since the things that flattered my previous body aren't what will flatter my current body.

Do any of you have clothing or pattern or garment suggestions for me as I start to work on a new wardrobe? I have the further requirements that they be fairly easy (since I can only sneak a few minutes a day to sew), not too fitted (since my body will continue to change size), and nursing friendly (since I'm nursing every 2 hours right now!).


P.S. Newsletters will probably continue to be sporadic until I'm back from maternity leave.
P.P.S. I promise future newsletters won't be quite so baby-centric!
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