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May 17, 2021
Topics: California, canals, cannabis, pro athletes, NFL, GM, E-bike giveaway, Parallel, Texas, Delta Airlines, Elon Musk, Bitcoin, Dockers, solar power, energy, environment, Lucid Motors
Images: Solar Aquagrid LLC,  GIF: AGREEN1
🥵Drought has returned to California again It’s a cyclical event for the semi-arid state that occurs about every 5-7 years. As the most populated state in the US, and the biggest agricultural producer in the US; when California sneezes, the whole country gets a cold. California’s GDP in 2020 accounted for 14.6% of the total US economy and it is the world’s fifth largest economy, grander than the UK. The state utilizes 4,000 miles of canals (the largest such system in the world) to transport its water supply, and those canals could lead the way in the fight against climate change in California and other western states. Imagine all the solar energy that would be created with solar panels covering the precious source of water. Furthermore, it would promote water conservation by reducing the water being lost through evaporation, while meeting clean energy goals of producing solar power. Because necessity is the mother of invention, roll out the red carpet welcome for solar canals!
🌿NFL rolls one We admit when we fumbled, and we missed this one! On March 15, the NFL conceded to marijuana's new status under the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement. GOAL! In the new agreement, players who test positive for marijuana will no longer be suspended. Testing will not occur at all between 4-20 through 8-9... and the symbolism of starting on 4-20 (the cannabis lover’s national holiday; see AGREEN1 April12 for all the dirt) is poetic. Testing will be limited to the first two weeks of training camp instead of throughout the season. That is a good call from the league. Right? Right on!
💰Bitcoin mining explained The BBC reported that Tesla CEO, Elon Musk agreed with Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, when Dorsey tweeted that bitcoin mining will provide a boost in renewable energy usage. Dorsey explained in his tweet that bitcoin miners utilize energy to mine new bitcoins and add new sets of transactions to its blockchain every ten minutes. Therefore, a more sustainable power source will enable miners to mine more efficiently, thereby encouraging renewable energy usage in many countries. That reasoning is somewhat murky, but genius Musk agreed. That was on April 22. The $100 zillion bitcoin question is: Are miners "deploying" this advantage? If they are not, what can be done to make them use only green energy?
Images: CNBC, Elon Musk   GIF: AGREEN1
🤔Bitcoin mining re-examined by Musk However, on May 12, Elon Musk reversed his feeling on bitcoin mining and energy sustainability. In his tweet, he said that Tesla will no longer be accepting payment with Bitcoin because it uses a lot of coal power to produce it. Also, Tesla will not sell Bitcoin until mining it has transitioned to a more sustainable energy source. He said they would consider using another cryptocurrencies: "We are also looking at other cryptocurrencies that use <1% of Bitcoin's energy/transaction." We have spoken about bumps in the road (AGREEN1, March 29) that come with innovation; and here we are again. Mark Cuban, NBA owner of the Dallas Mavericks, will still be using cryptocurrency, he said "because we know that replacing Gold as a store of value will help the environment..." There may be a solution on the horizon, Perpetual Industries claims to have Green Energy Mining systems (GEM), a proprietary development for mining blockchain using all renewable energy power. And the beat goes on...
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🚗GM building green machines GM will create 9,000 jobs in their next life as an all electric company, with two plants in Michigan, one in Tennessee, one in Ontario, Canada and now one in Mexico, which will be operational starting June 2021. The United Auto Workers Union is furious after the Mexico factory announcement, but did they complain about the factory in Canada, as both take jobs from US Americans? Either way, the company is embracing an electric and clean future, and that is a huge step in the right direction.
🌬️Parallel comes to Texas with goodblend A private company called Parallel is taking a gamble by investing in a $25 million cannabis cultivation and retail facility. The substance that is still illegal in the state of Texas may gradually lean to legalizing cannabis in the next few years with their easing of medical marijuana use. House Bill 1535 was approved and will expand the medical conditions for cannabis use to over 2 million eligible residents. Will Gov. Abbott sign HB 1535 if it hits his desk? Wrigley's chewing gum heir, Beau Wrigley Jr is CEO and Chairman of Parallel, and he must feel good about it. His plan is to introduce the "goodblend" brand to the lone star state of 30 million residents. The 63,000 square-foot facility in San Marcos is making bold statements about where he thinks the legislation is going. And that bet is not on black or red, but green.
😃Lucid dream cars coming soon Lucid Motors looks to become the leader in the electric card revolution by being the only electric sedan to go a quarter of a mile under 10 seconds. The estimated range of the battery is up to 517 miles on one charge, and with its luxurious interior, it looks to be the new boy in town to take a big stake in the electric luxury car market. The "Dream Edition" has a first delivery scheduled in 2021, with a target of 577 cars in the $170,000 price range. "Lucid Air" is the next model they have started taking reservations for, and it has a lower price point starting at $69,900.
✈️Delta Airlines changing for us Delta has an ambitious carbon neutrality plan on path to zero-impact aviation. Delta Air Lines’ commitment to carbon neutrality dating from March 2020 onward, is coming to fruition. The Airline is already investing in sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), which are alternatives to fossil fuels. These new fuels are designed to reduce carbon emissions by 80 percent or more. Delta will replace 10% of its fossil jet fuel with SAF by the end of 2030. As the only US airline named in the S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook for 2021, Delta represents change in the Greek alphabet and in the airline industry too.
Image: Dockers  GIF: AGREEN1
🤬Facebook doesn't come through Instead Facebook retaliates because I utilized the "App Tracking Transparency" feature available in the latest iPhone operating system, iOS 14.5.1. It helps all consumers know which apps and websites are tracking them See AGREEN1, May 10. For over a decade, greedy trackers have taken advantage of consumers without permission. This is not a healthy relationship, so "adios" to those takers/trackers.

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