The Future of Food is a European (HU, NL, DE, ES, IR) Learning Partnership exploring together 4 fields, growing & collectings, food preparation, eating & sharing and education & communication.
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5th meeting, 20-24 april 2015 in Uffelte, Netherlands

Future of Food Newsletter 5

Agnes Repka, Jörg Zimmerman, Sebastian Burch, Fionnuala Collins and Monique Wijn 

5th meeting: Welcome to Holland: 

On Monday evening the learners arrived from the 4 visiting countries and had a chance to meet each other for the first time. Belinda Van der pool arranged a beautiful welcoming workshop with food and the chakras. 7 plates of food were arranged in different colours, each representing a chakra. The learners were asked to first go to the plate that attracted them the least and then to the one they were most attracted to. Whilst some were attracted purely by colour, others by scent and one expressed he preferred the plate with local food one-a debate or theme that would re-emerge later in the week with Lydia’s Food thermometer exercise. This was a very welcome way to introduce people to the week-with vibrant colourful plates of food. Read more..
Second day of Dutch meeting: herb collecting, making talking sticks, whispering with herbs, workshop about food landscapes
Day 3 of the Dutch meeting:  to urban garden projects in Groningen
Raw chocolate workshop by Danielle van Dhana Chocolade.
Day 4 of the Dutch meeting: workshop about food and rythms..
Workshop on diets and landscapes, what landscape do you (unconsciously?) create with your food..
Poster about Saving Seeds for the future

We are loving it..

Finally finished: movie around the traditional fruit lanes of former Eastern Germany, that we experienced with all our senses. Check out this article and the first homemade movie of 'FOF Productions: We are loving it.


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