The Future of Food is a European (HU, NL, DE, ES, IR) Learning Partnership exploring together 4 fields, growing & collectings, food preparation, eating & sharing and education & communication.
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4th meeting in Sieben Linden, Germany

Future of FoodNewsletter 4

Agnes Repka, Jörg Zimmerman, Sebastian Burch, Fionnuala Collins and Monique Wijn 

4th meeting: High summer in Germany: In August 2014 we had our fourth meeting in ecovillage Sieben Linden, Germany. For the first time all the partners were present: the Dutch, Hungarian and Irish partners and guests were very heartely welcomed by Jörg Zimmerman and Julia .., from Germany.

The week was overwhelmingly full and rich with discussions around important food-themes, excursions and a creative burst of the production of films and other products. Look here for an abundant overview. We got a tour along the inspiring ecovillage Sieben Linden and had discussions on local versus global, vegan organic agriculture and permaculture. We visited a Chlorella Farm and the Raw Living company of our hosts, took a stroll along the former Eastern German fruitlanes and many things more.. We even had a very young Hungarian FOF'er inspiring for a children's book.. 
Enjoy the articles, pictures and films of this newsletter of the partnership and feel free to join by sharing your vision on the Future of Food.
Ethics and principles
Permaculture, an introduction
Sense of place, of self, of community..
Learning and Working with Senses:
A Carrot is a Carrot or..
How about food security?
Superfoods, local and global:
Spirulina initiative in Kenia
Happy food preparation and do try these amazing recipes..

We are loving it..


Explore with us the traditional fruit lanes of former Eastern Germany, that we experienced with all our senses. Check out this article and the first homemade movie of 'FOF Productions: We are loving it.


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