May 2021

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Meet Our Veterinarians! 

Our shot clinics, spay/neuter clinics, and TNR program would not be successful without the hard work and dedication of our veterinarians, who offer their time and expertise to the PGSPCA mission. They are so important to us, so we wanted to introduce them to you!

Dr. Shawnne Spencer
Dr. Spencer has been working with the PGSPCA for 16 years and is our clinic’s medical director. He got involved with the PGSPCA because, in his words, “They are the coolest people I know.” (We think you’re pretty cool too, Dr. Spencer!) He enjoys working with our interns and volunteers while also serving the community.

Dr. Spencer always wanted to be a veterinarian and went to Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine for his degree. Dr. Spencer says he loves to help people and their furry family members. Although he currently doesn’t have any pets, he is hoping to get another dog sometime soon.

Dr. D’Wayne Hines
Dr. Hines began working at the PGSPCA clinic in November 2016 and now provides spay/neuter services for us several weekends a month. He heard about the PGSPCA from a colleague who knew about his passion for shelter medicine and surgery. Dr. Hines says he enjoys working at the clinic because he can help people who might not otherwise be able to afford vet care. His favorite part of being a vet is helping shelter animals find their forever homes.

Dr. Hines is from Kansas City, MO and studied veterinary medicine at Tuskegee University. His childhood passion for animals and science led him to a career as a veterinarian.

In addition to helping the PGSPCA, he has volunteered with Helping Paws Across Borders at a spay-a-thon in Puerto Rico. In classic vet fashion, he has his own pets: one dog and four cats.

Dr. Alexandria Murphy
Dr. Murphy has been working at the PGSPCA clinic for two years. She was drawn to the PGSPCA because of the opportunity to collaborate to form the County’s first TNR clinic. One of her favorite things about working at our spay/neuter clinic is the opportunity to reduce the feral cat population and show love to the homeless pets in our community.

Dr. Murphy got her degree at Tuskegee University. She was drawn to the profession by a desire to advocate for animals, abolish animal cruelty, and correct common misconceptions about pets.

In addition to the PGSPCA, Dr. Murphy works with the nonprofit iPAWS and other international organizations. She has two pet cats, and her favorite part of being a veterinarian is empowering pet owners to provide and care for their pets.

Dr. Alison Mocko
Dr. Mocko began working at the PGSPCA spay/neuter clinic in November. Her interest was piqued when she heard from a local rescue that we needed more vets who were skilled in high-volume, high-quality (HVHQ) spay/neuter procedures. Working with us aligns with her life’s mission to help prevent needless euthanasia due to overcrowding at shelters.

Dr. Mocko studied at Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. She was inspired to become a veterinarian by two classic fictional characters: James Herriot and Dr. Doolittle (from the movie with Rex Harrison). In the past, Dr. Mocko has worked with Alley Cat Allies, the SPCA of Anne Arundel County, and Rude Ranch Animal Rescue. In addition to her work at the PGSPCA, she also contributes to BARCS.

Dr. Mocko has, in her words, “Three of the best cats in the world!” Elsa (a silver-shaded British Shorthair), Sven (a brown tabby and white Scottish Fold/Maine Coon mix), and Fitz (a brown tabby and white domestic shorthair) are all rescues. Elsa and Sven came from Kuwait and Fitz is a local boy from PG County. Unsurprisingly, her favorite part of her work is all the cats!

When asked about common misconceptions among pet owners, Dr. Mocko pointed out that sometimes people think their pets do things out of spite or anger. “They're not having bathroom accidents because they're mad at you. There's something else going on.”
An Adoption Success Story

Everything we do is for the animals, and we are beyond happy to see them go to their fur-ever homes. We want to start featuring some of our adopted friends! Today, it’s Boots and Paws!

Name: Boots
Age: 9 months
Favorite Treat: Greenies
Favorite Toy: A fish wand with a bell
Best Friend: His brother Paws
Pet Peeve: Being pet during “Tornado” time
Name: Paws
Age: 9 months
Favorite Treat: Greenies
Favorite Toy: Wormy, a 2" thick yarn (he loves to bat it around, even on his hind legs)
Best Friend: His brother Boots
Pet Peeve: Being attacked by Boots when relaxing
From Boots' and Paws' mom:
I have always been a jealous animal lover. I want all the animal attention. I am so so so thankful we got two kitties. When my boyfriend is petting Paws, I can play with Boots. I'm also so happy they have a friend when we are at work and can get their energy out by wrestling. Each night after their post-dinner nap, they engage in “Tornado time” where they run around the house wrestling and playing. Each of the boys loves to jump for wands and run up their cat tree. Now, after Tornado time, they cuddle in bed with us.

January–April 2021
Making a Difference

Animals altered at our spay/neuter clinic (most for free)

Assistance and abuse calls handled on our 24-hour hotline

Cats and dogs adopted into their forever homes

IMPORTANT: Due to the pandemic, many of our in-person events have been cancelled or modified. Be sure to view our online calendar at to confirm times and locations.
Clinic Events
Spay/Neuter (by appointment only)
May 15–16 (pet dogs & cats)
May 21–22 FeralFix (feral cats only)
May 23 (pet dogs & cats)
May 28 FeralFix (feral cats only)
Jun 6 Drive-through Shot Clinic
Jun 12–13 (pet dogs & cats)
Jun 19 (pet dogs & cats)
Jun 26 FeralFix (feral cats only)

Request a spay/neuter appointment at; for shot clinic appointments, see

Adoption Shows
Virtually "meet" our adoptable animals and their fosters! See the Adoption Show Attendees page for more information on which animals will be there and how to participate. See our adoptable animals online. 

Saturday, May 8 | 12pm–1pm
Saturday, May 22 | 12pm–1pm
Saturday, Jun 12 |  12pm–1pm
Saturday, Jun 26 | 12pm–1pm
We are so grateful to all of our volunteers and donors for their support! We truly couldn't do this meaningful work without you and all our rescue partners who help the animals of PG County. 
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