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Shot Clinics Are Back! 

We suspended our popular monthly shot clinics over a year ago due to the pandemic, but we resumed in May with a drive-through event. We started cautiously—requiring appointments, limiting numbers, and keeping as much social distance as possible. The online registration is pretty easy, and the available spots filled up fast.

We stepped things up a notch in June by expanding to three hours, opening up more appointment slots, and allowing clients to walk in with their pets.

We've done three more events since then, each time increasing the number of available appointments, and the clients seem to like it. Board member Tony Thompson, who was at the gate as customers were leaving with their animals, said, “They like that we kept the lines moving, and that there wasn’t a long wait.”

However, we've also received feedback from customers who can't get an appointment, so we'll be trying to add more appointment slots. At $10 per vaccine, we're still the best deal in town. We're glad we can provide this important community service on a monthly basis, but we’ll be glad when we can do even more.
Meet Our Interns! 

Our low-cost clinic is so successful due to the hard work of our volunteers—including our pre-veterinary interns who are working toward making their passion for helping animals a career! We’re so grateful to have four former interns staying one or another year. Thanks Betsy and Savannah, and thanks also to Kruti and Brynn, our clinic management interns. We have a new batch of interns this fall who are ready to help our community and learn along the way. We asked them a bit about themselves 

Sarah Lenhart
What inspired you to get involved in working with animals?
My sister has Asperger's syndrome, and as a child, her doctor suggested my family get a pet to aid in her communication. The cat we got, Buster, helped her go from being non-verbal to participating in a normal classroom setting. Ever since Buster entered our lives, I've seen animals through a different lens. Not only can we help them, but they can help us; this is what first inspired my desire to work with animals. Seeing the difference a pet can make in the lives of so many motivates my hope of offering other families the unconditional love from a pet. 

What are you most excited for about this internship?
I am extremely excited to get back into the routine of seeing patients. It has been a few years since my last clinical position, and I'm eager to get back to it. I'm also super excited for the opportunity to observe surgeries and learn from PGSPCA staff!

What are your goals for working with animals in the future? 
I am currently finishing up the process of applying to veterinary school. I hope to obtain my DVM and pursue a career in a veterinary field (possibly conservation medicine).

Niraj Suresh
What inspired you to get involved in working with animals?
I have always had a deep passion for animals as long as I can remember. I knew I wanted to work with them since I was a toddler, even dressing up as a vet for Halloween when I was 4. The connection you feel with animals is so pure and genuine; I couldn't imagine wanting to do anything else. I am also a devout Hindu and was raised to respect all living beings, and even to revere the species that we consider sacred. 

What are you most excited for about this internship?
I am most excited to gain clinical veterinary experience and serve the community by providing low-cost veterinary care to those who might not have access to it otherwise.

What are your goals for working with animals in the future? 
I intend to become a large animal veterinarian, meaning I would work with livestock as opposed to traditional house pets. 

Laura Picard
What inspired you to get involved in working with animals?
I’ve enjoyed being around many kinds of animals growing up, including cats, dogs, ducks, hamsters, and mice as well as the wildlife around my house. I like learning about different animals and their unique personalities and behaviors. My positive experiences with animals made me want to work with them more, and I’ve been trying to do that the past few years. I’ve worked at a wildlife rehabilitation center and seen how various species act differently and require different environments to thrive. I also catsit in my free time and have worked at cat and dog rescues occasionally.

What are you most excited for about this internship?
I’m excited to learn more about veterinary medicine and have a hands-on role in the shot and spay/neuter clinics. I would like to learn more about the more technical and medical aspects of these clinics from the veterinarians at the PGSPCA.

What are your goals for working with animals in the future? 
I’m planning on applying to veterinary school after I graduate and continuing to work with animals. I’m open to working with all kinds of animals, however I will most likely start with small animals and try to get involved with wildlife on the side. 

Stacey Revesz
What inspired you to get involved in working with animals?
I have wanted to work with animals since early childhood; it has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Growing up, my house was always full of dogs, cats, and exotics as my mom did a lot of rescuing and fostering. Being able to help save the animals, see a difference in them during their time with us, and give them a second chance at life was extremely fulfilling. I am specifically attracted to veterinary medicine as it allows me to devote my career to ending animal pain and suffering, as well as promoting welfare through owner education. It will involve a lifetime of challenges and constant learning, but the individual animals and their loving families make it worth it. I couldn't see myself doing anything else. 

What are you most excited for about this internship?
During this internship, I am most excited to learn about surgical preparation and procedures. I am also looking forward to gaining hands-on experience and learning more about shelter medicine in a way that I haven't yet and plan on incorporating into my future. I find it very rewarding to be able to help a nonprofit organization doing work that is valuable to pet owners in the community. I am also excited to meet people with similar aspirations.

What are your goals for working with animals in the future? 
My career goal is to become a small animal veterinarian, and I would love to work in shelter medicine. My ultimate dream would be to provide affordable vet care to people in need, similar to the PGSPCA. 

Tatiana Ferebee
What inspired you to get involved in working with animals?
I'm one of those people who fell in love with animals as a child. I'm not sure the age or what fascinated me the most, but my whole drive pushing my passion for animals is the fact that animals don't have a voice. To the human, they are defenseless creatures. My heart breaks seeing the amount of people in the world who take advantage of that fact. I believe there needs to be more than a handful of the planet's population standing up and being a voice for the voiceless because they have a right to be here just as we do.

What are you most excited for about this internship?
Outside of learning and absorbing just about everything there is, I'm hoping I leave this internship with a good understanding of anesthesia. I'm also hoping I get to form some lasting relationships with the veterinarians and other interns/volunteers.

What are your goals for working with animals in the future? 
I want to work in wildlife conservation and help save endangered species. I also want to educate the world on why this type of work is important and why everyone should care about it. It's not always just about the animals, it's about the health of our communities and environments. Every being plays a role here.
May–August 2021
Making a Difference

Low-cost vaccinations & microchips administered

Animals altered at our spay/neuter clinic (most for free)

Assistance and abuse calls handled on our 24-hour hotline

Cats and dogs adopted into their forever homes
An Adoption Success Story

Everything we do is for the animals, and we are beyond happy to see them go to their fur-ever homes. We want to start featuring some of our adopted friends! Today, it’s Oreo and Pumpkin!

Name: Oreo
Approximate Age: 1.5 years
Favorite Treat: Flies! She won't stop chasing them
Favorite Toy: Fake mouse
Best Friend: Rei (14-year-old child)
Pet Peeve: Sudden noises

Name: Pumpkin
Approximate Age (if you know): 1.5 years
Favorite Treat: Alllllllll the food. He is not picky
Favorite Toy: Dangling ones that he can jump for
Best Friend: Brooksann (Adopted mom) 
Pet Peeve: When Brooksann does college work and puts her laptop on her legs. That is his spot!
From Brooksann:
These two ripped the underlining off the box spring of my bed. Why? They like to sleep inside it. I can hear them snoring sometimes! I wish they would sleep in the bed with me. LOL

IMPORTANT: Due to the pandemic, many of our in-person events have been cancelled or modified. Be sure to view our online calendar at to confirm times and locations.
Clinic Events
Spay/Neuter (by appointment only for those who qualify)

Request a spay/neuter appointment at; for shot clinic appointments, see

Adoption Shows
Virtually "meet" our adoptable animals or come see them in person! See the Adoption Show Attendees page for more information on which animals will be there and how to participate. See our adoptable animals online. 

Saturday, Sept 25 | 12pm–1pm (Virtual)
Saturday, Sept 25 | 12pm-2pm (Bowie PetSmart, 4500 Mitchellville Road)
Saturday, Oct 9 | 12pm–1pm (Virtual)
Saturday, Oct 9 | 12pm–2pm (Calverton PetSmart, 12020 Cherry Hill Road)
Saturday, Oct 23 |  12pm–1pm (Virtual)
Saturday, Oct 23 | 12pm-2pm (Bowie PetSmart, 4500 Mitchellville Road)
We are so grateful to all of our volunteers and donors for their support! We truly couldn't do this meaningful work without you and all our rescue partners who help the animals of PG County. 
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