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March 2, 2017

Connecting our Adult Learning & Literacy Community


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Changes are coming


Professional Development
  • IFL
  • Workplace Toolkit
  • Symposium & Bursaries
  • Save the Date - June 19-20 LIFE workshop
Community Connections/Celebrations
  • LOLAs
  • Don't Forget - LOLA nominations
  • Did you know?
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Mark Your Calendar

LOLA nomination deadline
March 10, 2017

Workplace Tool Kit
March 30, 2017

Calgary Learns AGM & LOLAs
May 11, 2017

LIFE workshop
June 19-20, 2017

Literacy & Learning Symposium
September 25-29, 2017

Changes are coming

It may be the year of the Rooster but 2017 also seems to be a year of change. Calgary Learns will continue to provide support to the foundational learning community through,
  • Funding
  • Professional Development
  • Community Building
However, there are a number of significant and exciting changes that will build our capacity to do this in the coming year.

Calgary Learns is a granting CALP (Community Adult Learning Program) and thus, we receive a grant from Alberta Advanced Education each year. We so appreciate their on-going support and partnership which helps us to support Calgary’s adult foundational learning community. This year there are three significant changes:
  1. Advanced Education required Calgary Learns to shift their funding year to be in line with Advanced Education’s funding cycle (July 1-June 30). Thank you to all of our funded programs who have contributed to our relatively smooth transition to this new funding cycle.
  2. We are thrilled that Advanced Education will now support professional development in Calgary through the addition of a Resource Support person to the Calgary Learns’ team later this year. Community input will help to shape this role so watch for your opportunities to share your input in the upcoming months.
  3. Advanced Education has also increased our grant moving forward which, increases Calgary Learns’ grants to foundational learning programs and initiatives. With this increased funding support, we will be having a second funding call in Spring. Start thinking about possible research/initiatives/projects and watch for our RFP in early April.


Thank you for all of the proposals that were submitted in January. We had a wide variety of programs applying for funding and we have just completed our engaging review team discussions. This year, our Indigenous review process implemented many of the recommendations put forth in the research Literacy & Foundational Learning for Indigenous Adults- Investment Strategy & Framework to Guide Calgary Learns. Notably, the process was enriched with each of the Indigenous programs presenting their programs orally to the Indigenous Review Team. There is nothing like hearing the stories first hand and experiencing the passion from program providers! Indigenous funding recommendations now need to go to the Elders for validation. Then, our complete slate of all of the proposed 2017-2018 program funding will require Calgary Learns Board’s approval. After approval, Calgary Learns can apply for the funding from Advanced Education. We hope to let organizations know our funding decisions by late-May.

With extra funding from Alberta Advanced Education, Calgary Learns will be having an additional funding call in the Spring. Start thinking about adult foundational level learning needs can be met through research, initiatives or projects. Watch for our next call for proposals for initiatives in April.

Professional Development



Interested in seeing how colleagues are improving their learning programs? Here is the newest Integrating Foundational Learning (IFL) report. Inside you will find nine case studies by Calgary programs that show how staff are using a foundational learning lens to make their course content more accessible to learners. 

Workplace Toolkit 

We're excited to invite you to a workshop in Calgary. The workshop will introduce new materials to support ELLs with language, cultural and essential skills development. You will also leave with some insights into teaching document use strategies to your learners.
  • Target Audience: Practitioners and tutors working with English Language Learners
  • Location: Fort Calgary , 750 – 9th Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta
  • Date: March 30th, 2017
  • Time: 9:00 am to 4:00pm
  • Cost: Free (with lunch provided)
  • Registration: contact Sue Oguchi
(Click on image to enlarge)


Did you know that there is a Literacy and Learning Symposium every year? It is a wonderful opportunity to learn from leaders in the field and colleagues from around the province. The Community Learning Network will be hosting this symposium in Edmonton on September 25-29. Check out their fabulous line up of sessions. 
  • Bursaries
    Calgary Learns would like to support our members to attend this professional development opportunity through bursaries. There will be limited number of bursaries available. More details to follow soon. In the meantime, make sure you check the schedule and various sessions:

Save the Date - June 19-20 LIFE workshop

LIFE (Learning is for Everyone)-Learning disabilities affect at least 10% of Canadians. More than 50% of these experience difficulty in learning to read. Learning disabilities (LD) are recognized as a lifelong neurological disorder. It is estimated that at least 30% and possible as many as 60% of adults in literacy and foundational learning programs have learning disabilities.

Adult foundational learning practitioners are not qualified to diagnose learning disabilities, but it is important to understand, recognize and support the unique learning challenges and needs of these learners.

More details to follow soon.

Community Building


We hope you have May 11 circled on your calendar for Calgary Learns’ AGM and Life of Learning Awards (LOLAs). This year we are pleased to also provide a professional development workshop prior to our AGM. Dr. Anne Price from CanLearn will be providing an introduction to L.I.F.E. (Learning is for Everyone-see description above) in the early afternoon. We hope you can plan to spend that full afternoon with us. More details will follow.

Don’t forget - LOLA nominations

The deadline (March 10) is quickly approaching to recognize, encourage and appreciate the contributions of adult learners, Learner Champions (facilitators, coordinators, program designers etc.), adult foundational level learning programs and funders with a LOLA nomination. There is amazing commitment in the adult foundational learning field. Let's showcase the people and programs that make our foundational learning field so vibrant!

Did you know?

FCSS has recently opened up their funding for the first time for one-time Capacity Building Grants. Their funding is under two categories: Organizational Effectiveness (for programs already funded through FCSS. Note: deadline is March 17) and Emerging Issues (open to non-FCSS funded non-profits as well. Note: applications accepted throughout year). Check out details at

In Case You Missed It

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