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October 15, 2013

Connecting our Adult Learning & Literacy Community


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Networking Session
Dec. 3, 2013, 2pm, The Elks

Annual General Meeting
April 9, 2014, 3pm, The Elks

Life Of Learning Award
April 9, 2014, 4pm, The Elks

Life of Learning Awards: Save the Date & Nominate!! 

Do you admire someone who excels as an adult learner or adult educator? Is there a learning program or a group of people out there that deserve extra recognition? Consider this opportunity to honour this hardworking and enthusiastic individual or organization and send in our nomination form for the Life Of Learning Award (LOLA)!

The LOLAs celebrate and honour the contributions and accomplishments Calgary's adult learning field. The LOLAs are presented to outstanding educators and learners to recognize their dedication and spirit. They highlight the value of foundational learning and the differences education makes in our community.

Calgary Learns presents awards in the following categories:
  • Adult Learner: for a learner who stands out in his or her efforts to learn, loves learning, and inspires others by example.
  • Community Learning Champion: for an educator, community leader or strategist who has made a great contribution to community-based adult foundational learning.
  • NEW! Learning Communities: for a group or foundational learning program that stands out in innovation, effectiveness, breadth of reach into the adult learning community.
The individual award recipients will receive a unique, hand-carved stone sculpture and a $500 cash prize. The group award recipients will be recognized with a commemorative plaque and indisputable bragging rights for one year!

Anyone may nominate residents of Calgary who are  foundational learners or education innovators. Simply submit a completed nomination for your nominee(s) and include support letters from others to provide further information about your nominee(s)’ character and accomplishments. Let us know what makes them special!

The Life of Learning Awards will be presented at Calgary Learns’ award ceremony on Wednesday April 9, 2014. The nomination form is available on our website at: For more information email us at

Nomination Deadline is February 14, 2014

Membership: New & Improved.

Join Calgary Learns and be part of a networking community with strategic connections, funding opportunities and the collective ability to shape the learning landscape for foundational learners. Together we strengthen Calgary's voice for adult foundational learning.
Member Benefits
Calgary Learns supports its members by:
  • Advocating for foundational learners with government, funders and within our community
  • Providing networking opportunities to share best practices and resources
  • Offering shared learning and professional development opportunities
  • Providing funding opportunities

Members will also receive
  • One vote at our Annual General Meeting
  • Complimentary tickets to our Life of Learning Awards (the LOLAs)
  • The opportunity to participate in our Community Consultations
  • Complimentary tickets to our December networking session
  • Our newsletter “The Connector” which links the latest research, resources and information of our adult learning community
Special member pricing for any additional training sessions

Please visit our website to become a member:

Website: A New Design

We are currently working on the new design for our website. If you are one of our funded organizations and you haven't send us a photo of the program(s) we fund, please email us a high resolution image:

Database: Survey

Our community consultation and needs assessment process resulted in a lot of similar questions:
  • Where do we find information?
  • How can we find out what resources are out there?
  • How can we properly refer our learners and avoid them being bounced around?
These comments made us conduct some research on what databases are out there in regards to adult learning and literacy. The good news is, there are different sources available (in no particular order):
We are currently connecting with Inform Alberta as they have offered to help create an adult learning/literacy directory with different chapters to make a more effective tool for referrals. In the next few weeks, we will be conducting a short survey as we will need your help creating this directory.

We're not re-inventing the wheel. We hope to create one starting point and re-direct from there. Stay tuned!!

Member Profile: Families Matter

Imagine for a moment if family members could confidently communicate, in accountable and respectful language, with their parents, siblings and peers. Imagine if parents routinely modeled effective ways of problem solving with their children in ways that build self-esteem. What would be possible for future generations if we placed as much emphasis on developing the skills and competencies of cooperation, as we currently do on individual achievement?

Imagine how well society would function if this was the normal way of being.

Families Matter provides parenting education resulting in healthy child development and confident and competent parents who are connected within their communities. For more information, visit

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Sharing Your Thoughts

On June 6, 2013, during our Community Consultation, we asked the participants "What did you take away from this session?" and here are some of their replies:
  • The importance of working together to illuminate unknown territory.
  • Having a chance to speak with knowledge holders in the community about the “underground” knowledge.
  • I am  so impressed with the collective commitment to foundational learning, often on very limited budgets.
  • I was so encouraged to learn how many organizations are involved in foundational learning. Thanks!
  • Great experience talking and sharing ideas with other agencies.
  • Other organizations problems and challenges are similar to ours!
  • Reminder to be courageous – to be a critical thinker and ask questions
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