HAPPY SUMMER!! Time to swing in a hammock and read! (although maybe not at the same time unless you want to get nauseous ;o). I have a bunch of exciting things to share, so thank you for signing up for this (very) occasional newsletter, and please forward it to anyone you think would be interested. If you don't want to receive it anymore, or received this in error, please hit unsubscribe at the end and no hard feelings. ;o)

The next three months bring three new books that you can pre-order now from your local indie bookstore (find one here) or wherever books are sold! First up on on July 5 is VOYAGERS: THE SEVENTH ELEMENT. This is the final book in a multi-platform six book series, each one written by amazing authors who I admire enormously. It was a lot of fun getting to write about a group of kids who voyage into space in an "every kid's dream" type of spaceship on a race to save the world. Alongside the books, you can join the online community at and download the "Voyagers the Game" app on iTunes! 
August 2nd brings the long-time-coming sequel to the The Candymakers...THE CANDYMAKERS AND THE GREAT CHOCOLATE CHASE! The book picks up 4 months after the winner of the Annual New Candy Contest was announced, and sends Logan, Miles, Philip, and Daisy on the road in a tricked-out RV to solve a long-hidden mystery surrounding some very special chocolate. In addition, each candymaker has his or her own private mystery to unravel at the same time. And of course there's candy. Lots and LOTS of candy! ps. My 10-year-old daughter just leaned over and said, "Mom, don't forget to tell them about the cameos by characters from three of your other books! That's one of my favorite parts!" That was supposed to be a secret, but you heard it here first. ;o)

pps. If you haven't read THE CANDYMAKERS yet, check out this awesomely fun "reading incentive kit" with toys and candy and very clever surprises that a very creative educator put together as a companion to the book. Hey, it got my own son to finally read it so it's got to be good! ;o)
SPACE TAXI comes in for a landing! Just arrived...Book 4: THE GALACTIC BURP! Zooming to earth on September 13 is...Book 5: BURP STRIKES BACK! And we're very excited to announce that a special bind-up edition of the first 4 books will be available on August 1st in 400 Costco stores across the country! Here's what the San Diego Book Review had to say about the last book..."Space Taxi: Archie's Alien Disguise is an early reader story done right. Everything about this book is beautifully crafted and distilled to enthrall literature-apprehensive lower graders, from the wacky, colorful characters and chuckle-worthy dialogue to the clutter-free exposition that zooms along at rocket speed." Clicking on the photo below will take you to a special Space Taxi website, perfect for young co-pilots to navigate, with an educator's guide as well!
Excited to have my first books in Target: 11 BIRTHDAYS and FINALLY, the first 2 in the Willow Falls series. Went to visit them on the shelves (yes, authors do that, embarrassingly enough!) and left with a shopping cart full of things I didn't know I needed. ;o)
Thank you all for being so awesome and supportive since A Mango-Shaped Space came out 13 years ago! So many of you left comments on my blog about what you wanted to see in both the Willow Falls books and the Candymakers sequel, and they really made a huge difference. If you haven't visited my website lately, it's been revitalized! Still a work in progress, but getting there. If you'd like a personalized/signed copy of any of the books you can order them from my local bookstore to arrange it (Sparta Books, 973-729-6200). Note they won't ship until after August 20, 2016 b/c I'll be on a road trip this summer,  just like the Candymakers! (except THEIR RV has a trampoline and a secret passageway through the toilet. Ours doesn't have that ;o) Have a wonderful vacation and I wish you all clear skies! 
xo, Wendy, July 2016
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