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We would like to take this opportunity to introduce WestWood Liquid Technologies Limited. We are the UK based sister company of WestWood GmbH, an innovative Manufacturer of cold applied resins for waterproofing and surfacing.
Based in Petershagen, Germany, WestWood is specialized in the manufacturing of PMMA products that are fast curing, hard wearing, flexible, solvent free, compatible to most substrates, and have a full range of colour and texture finishes available and come fully accredited by ETA
These properties make our systems ideal solutions for Roofing, Balconies, Car Parks, Flooring, Swimming pools, Road Repairs, Line Markings, Surfacing and Structural waterproofing.

We look forward to supplying you in the future with products and systems of high quality and reliability.
Gary Hemmings                                                      Wayne Chissell
Managing Director                                                   Technical Director

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The Waterproofing and Surfacing Company

Product summary

PMMA waterproofing products

Technical support

Application Technology & Training


Total service package


WestWood Team in GB

Technical Documentation

Product Information, Drawings

WestWood Liquid Technologies Limited

The Waterproofing and Surfacing Company

With WestWood UK you have a professional and loyal partner to support you when it comes to liquid waterproofing and surfacing systems. Our aim is to provide you with superior, lasting and reliable solutions that we develop with enthusiasm and motivation, then put into practice in conjunction with our customers and suppliers. Find out more about us and the variety of applications our products offers, check out our Corporate brochure.

WestWood Product summary

PMMA waterproofing products

The development and application experience of several decades is incorporated in every product based on high-quality PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) resins. Rapid cure times and the extended durability of our end products allow us to offer the best possible solutions - both in terms of technology and economic efficiency. Check out our product range:

WestWood services

Total service package

For our clients, we aim to provide a total service package comprising of the following:
o    Surveys and Reports
o    Feasibility studies
o    Specifications
o    Budgeting
o    Bespoke Technical Drawings
o    Calculations (u-value, condensation risk, slip resistance etc).
o    Project Monitoring
o    Guarantees (up to 25 Years)
Ask for our experts on site

WestWood Technical Support

Application Technology & Training

A high-performance and durable waterproofing system can only be ensured if it is installed correctly. That is why we attach great importance to training our approved contractors. We would be happy to arrange practical courses for you and your employees. Our experienced application engineers have been working with PMMA for years. We offer contractors support and instruction on site.
Consultation service


WestWood Personally

WestWood team in Great Britain

We possess extensive know-how with regards to waterproofing and are familiar with the application options for our products. We are happy to share this knowledge with you and will advise you on site. Together we will work out possible solutions and support you actively during the implementation phase of your project. We look forward to meeting you in person.
Team Great Britain

WestWood Technical Documentation

Product Information, Drawings...

Systems and detail drawings as well as product and system descriptions give you in-depth information about applying our products. Check out our home page www.westwood.eu for technical documentation that is always up to date.
Technical Documentation
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WestWood Liquid Technologies Limited
16 Great Queen Street
London, WC2B 5AH
United Kingdom

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