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Help Us March for Monarchs on July 4th

Get Your Wings on June 28th

Time: 3-5 PM, Room 259, The Priory, Dominican University, 7200 W Division St., River Forest, IL

Come and prepare for the parade!  Youthful spirits of all ages are invited.  We will have some fabric and poster board for participants to make Monarch wings (or freestyle some wings or for bees or dragonflies) and then to wear during the parade. Feel free to bring your own materials or just show up the day of the parade wearing your best set of wings.  :) Participants can also make signs that communicate the importance of native plants.

We would love to see children marching in the parade; they can hand out some materials to the crowd.  We will have a quick pre-parade butterfly dance or flight pattern tutorial for the kids before we march for the parade.  Come and help us spread smiles, beauty, and life.

Day of Parade Details: July 4th, Meet us at Longfellow Park at 9:15 AM.  Line up is 9:30 AM. We are in Group E.
For more information about the route, go to the Oak Park Village's July 4th Parade Page


Native Plantings to Attract Migratory Birds, Presented by Judy Pollock


July 19, 2015.  2:30-4:30 PM.  Room 259, The Priory, 7900 W Division St., River Forest, IL

Millions of migratory birds stream through our region twice yearly. They fly at night in a broad front across the state and land at daybreak in the nearest available habitat.  Our yards can play an important role in wildlife conservation by providing food and shelter for them.  In this presentation, learn the principles of gardening for the different guilds of landbird migrants, and get some specific native plant ideas and resources for more information.

Judy Pollock is a Project Manager with Living Habitats, a landscape architecture, ecological services and environmental planning firm.  She was Bird Conservation Director for Audubon Chicago Region for 15 years and was the founding president of the Bird Conservation Network.  She has planned and/or implemented bird habitat projects such as the Bartel Grassland and Spring Creek habitat restorations and the Migratory Makeovers program of the Chicago Migratory Bird Alliance. She writes and speaks frequently about landscaped and natural bird habitat.

Photo of Scarlet Tanager by Judy Pollock

Watch this moving short video shared by Cornell Lab of Ornithology on Facebook: Migratory ConnectivityProject: The Songbirds Return

Oak Park and River Forest Garden Tours June 28th

The tour returns! Jointly sponsored by the Oak Park Conservatory and the Garden Club of Oak Park and River Forest.   A prairie style garden is on the tour.  Click here for more information:

Your Input/Volunteer Opportunities

There is a lot that we can do as an organization, and we can accomplish even more with your help.  Let us know what you are interested in doing--we have lots of openings for helping out with gardens, community outreach, seed preparation and packaging.  Just click here: Volunteer Form.  Thanks!

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