Happy World Soil Day!  


You can celebrate and honor our soils by watching Symphony of the Soil for free online for the week of December 5-12 at Symphony of the  Then continue to honor our soil by preserving and restoring it through feeding the organisms that call soil home. They rely upon organic materials, such as leaves and other plant material.  To learn about how to feed your soil, you can read this posts: Rethinking Spring Clean-up and What's in a Leaf Pile?

Keeping your garden standing and doing minimal clean-up in the spring and fall provides food for the soil organisms that feed your plants, shrubs, and trees, and preserves all of the wonderful animals that have found shelter in your garden. 

Date Changes for our January and February Programs

1/10/2016  Winter Sowing Workshop at Dominican Priory 

Come and join us for an afternoon of a different version of companion planting.  We had such a great time last year with Linda Walker and with each other as we shared and sowed seeds together.  Come with a container with a top (those ones that you can get salad greens in work really well. A couple of us )  Bring some seeds if you  have any, and if you don't, no worries, we will have plenty to share.  

2/21/2016  The Unnoticed Splendor of Ants - Dr.Sean Menke at Dominican Priory
3/20/2016  Focus on Bats - Naturalist Sara Rose at Dominican Priory


Dominican University Continues to Lead on  

Green Issues



Dominican University has made large commitments to sustainability through its LEED certified buildings,  and through its support of us and other local green-minded organizations. Now it will begin to support pollinators and birds on an even deeper level.  Recently we had the honor of talking about our work and the connection between native plants and biodiversity with an absolutely wonderful group of students at Dominican University.  You can read more and see pictures of students' presentations on our website: West Cook Wild Ones Community Outreach.


Come and Join the Conversation!

West Cook Wild Ones member Steve Olderr generously helped us out with setting up a Yahoo group where we could learn and share ideas.  You can join here:

If you're on Facebook, don't forget to like our page because we share a lot of great information there.  Over the past week, we've shared articles about gardens as the new classrooms, a scientific study that validates tree hugging :), 7 things you can do for songbirds, why prairie matters, just to name a few things.  Once you've liked the page, the only way we stay in your newsfeed is if you "interact" with the page once in a while (means commenting, sharing or "liking" the post).  

Volunteer Opportunities

We're looking for some people with skills and a little time to share:
  • Graphic Designer--if anyone out there has a passion for our work and would like to contribute some of their design talents to help us with creating printed materials we would love to hear from you.
  • Co-coordinators for our Fall 2016 Garden Tour and Shrub Sale--We are in the early stages of planning for a native garden tour in 2016.  We would need help with organizing, selecting sites, and promoting.
  • Community Contacts--Are you in a town outside of Oak Park and River Forest and would like to be a person of contact for your community, someone to whom we could refer people who are getting started with native gardens, or for us to contact with programs or support on other sustainability matters.  We have people for LaGrange and for Bellwood.  Yeah!  
If any of these appeal to you, or you would like more information, please e-mail us at

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Thanks for your time and for your support of Wild Ones.

Sincerely, The West Cook Wild Ones Team

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