MNGOPAC Newsletter:  Are you willing to do what it takes to keep up the fight against the Anti-Gun forces in Minnesota?
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Are you willing to do what it takes?


Mark has a great piece below about what it will take to win in November and how we have to constantly be fighting back to protect the Second Amendment in Minnesota.

I'm going to be brief as I don't want to detract from his message - which is spot-on for the events of the past week.  

Our giveaway, planned for July 4th, has been wildly popular.  We're giving out a Ruger 10/22 Takedown Rifle and a Viridian C5L Green Laser Sight & Tactical Light along with some accessories to two lucky winners.

If you haven't already - please do two things for me today:
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And, of course, if you're able to donate $100, $50, $25, or even $10 to support our efforts, please do so today!

Thanks for your ongoing support!

Bryan Strawser


Chairman's Corner:  May 1st - Keep Fighting!

Those of you who know me personally understand just how much of a Minnesota Wild fanatic I am.

If you watched game 7 on Wednesday night, you saw the Wild repeatedly keep fighting from behind to eventually win the game when it counted. There’s a lesson there.

Looking over my Facebook feed today, it seems that every other post was a depressing news story about our freedoms being attacked and common sense being an endangered trait. 

Zero tolerance policies lead to an honor student suspended over a forgotten pocket knife.

A police chief declares that guns aren’t for self-defense, they are for "showing power”.

A columnist at a major newspaper calls for the repeal of the Second Amendment

The US Department of Justice may be pressuring banks to shut down accounts of “undesirable” businesses - like gun shops and firearms manufacturers.

This is what is happening to our society, and it is in large part because we are being led by politicians who have no respect for our fundamental and Constitutional rights

I see glimmers of hope.

In Montana, common sense prevails when a bleeding heart judge finds his one month sentence for the teacher who raped a young student overturned by the state supreme court and may face disciplinary measures.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff tells Chicago to “get a new police chief” who won’t blame inanimate objects such as guns for the city’s crime problems. 

There is hope for Minnesota.

Pro-gun leaders and candidates are stepping up to win back our state.

We’ll be supporting them and working with them as we move to election day. Session is almost over, and despite some wasteful redundant legislation (such as the domestic violence bill), the gun-grabbers did not succeed.

That was only round one of the playoffs.

Now we go to round two…the push to the conventions.

Make sure that pro-Second Amendment candidates have your support, and make sure they get endorsed by the parties. 

How can you help?  It's simple:

  1. Signup as a volunteer.  Take a shift at an upcoming gun show.  Help Bryan with some paperwork.  Take over our twitter account..
  2. Give what you can.  If you can send $100 today, that's great.  If you can only afford $50, it will help us reach nearly 100 gun owners and mobilize them for the cause.  If $25 fits better in your budget, it will help enormously.  Any amount helps defeat the anti-gunners.

We can do this. We can fight into the finals on election day. But it takes a team effort.

We need you. 

Yours in Liberty -

Mark Okern

P.S.  In mid-November, the last thing you want to be saying to yourself is:  "I wish I had involved myself more in the election, I can't believe those f$!@#ds got elected!".  Signup to volunteer today and give what you can towards the cause of freedom in Minnesota.

Help us elect Pro-Second Amendment legislators in Minnesota in November by contributing $5 or more TODAY!

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