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What's Next?


Earlier this week, we held our first fundraiser for the MN Gun Owners Political Action Committee.  We had a strong turnout in Anoka at Little Havana Tobacco, including GOCRA VP Rob Doar and MNGOPAC endorsed Minnesota House candidate Jim Nash (47A).

It was a great evening filled with opportunities to meet Second Amendment advocates from across the state and hear a few updates on what's happening in the legislature.

Supporters came more than 250 miles in a few cases to attend.  Thanks to everyone that was able to make it!

We'll have more events in the future. Many of you have asked us to hold events in non-smoking locations, and we'll certainly be setting those up as well.

So what's next?

We have a lot of plans in flight to reach out to gun owners across the state and lay the groundwork for our campaigns this fall to flip seats in favor of Pro-Second Amendment legislators.  

Here are a few things that we're working on:
  • We're wrapping up the launch plans for our major direct mail campaign - which will begin to reach out to gun owners we've not previously been able to reach.  
  • Next week, we'll be announcing a new membership drive along with some outstanding prizes that will be available to existing and new subscribers to our mailing list.  Our first push with this effort will reach just over 40,000 gun owners and supporters of the Second Amendment.
  • We're finalizing a couple major events for early fall at events that will reach tens of thousands of gun owners.
  • We're planning other events throughout the state to bring like-minded gun owners together to talk about how to change the face of the legislature in November.
These are just a few of the efforts we have in flight right now.

Efforts like these are only possible through both your time as volunteers and your generous donations that help us move forward and engage in efforts to elect a Pro-Second Amendment legislature this fall.

Neither Mark or I draw a salary or contractor pay from MNGOPAC.  We're involved in this cause because we believe in what we're doing.   But we can't do any of this without your support.

Please give what you can, TODAY, to help support our efforts.  Your contributions will help us reach law abiding gun owners across the state and help get them to the polls in November.  

Can you give $75 today?  Can you signup for $25/month?  Can you contribute $5 this week?  Any of these efforts will go a long way towards helping us achieve our goals.

Thanks for your ongoing support!

Bryan Strawser

P.S.   It was great to see many of our supporters in Anoka this past week.  We raised a significant amount of money to help support our cause.  But our campaign efforts will require much more to counter Bloomberg's billions.  Can you contribute TODAY?  Even $5 will make a difference.
YES! I want to contribute today to support the Minnesota Gun Owners PAC!

Chairman's Corner:   Minnesota Gets a Mama Grizzly

As many of you know, Bryan and I started the Minnesota Gun Owners PAC in October of 2013. At the turn of the year, we announced our first endorsement: Julianne Ortman for United States Senate.
We may have been the first major endorsement of Senator Ortman’s campaign, but we certainly haven’t been the last. We knew Julianne was the right woman for the job months ago, but we hear that this Sarah Palin person might carry a little clout too…(wink).
That’s right, Sarah Palin has officially endorsed Julianne Ortman for the United States Senate! 
As I was told personally by Senator Ortman Thursday evening, “You guys started it all and it made such a difference. Thank you so much!” 
What that really means is thank you to all of YOU. It’s not Bryan and I who make MNGOPAC work and be effective, it’s the support and effort from all of you who help us, who donate, who make phone calls and send emails.

THAT is the true power of MNGOPAC. In just a few short months we have made a dent the likes of which is stunning even veteran political consultants.

Best of all, we’ve done it as an entirely grassroots organization!
I do want to take a minute to address what is happening in St. Paul.

We’ve slowed the endorsement process a bit during the session to focus on issues and reaching out to gun owners across the state. This is a short but nasty session, and we are spending time talking to supporters and candidates as well as discussing issues with standing legislators.

These last two weeks haven’t been great moments for law-abiding gun owners, as the anti-rights zealots have the ability to pass whatever they want, whenever they want because they have full control of the legislature and governor’s mansion. 
Gun rights advocates have worked hard to negate the worst parts of the recent anti-gun bills, but we can’t expect anything better until we fix the five serious state-wide problems facing law-abiding gun owners:
1) Anti-2A MN House of Representatives
2) Anti-2A MN Senate
3) Anti-2A Governor
4) Anti-2A Senator Klobuchar
5) Anti-2A Senator Franken
We have the chance in November to fix three of those problems! We can take control of the House, get rid of Governor Dayton (and tell him his veto of Stand Your Ground showed his true colors), and we can put Al Franken back on the comedy club circuit. 
None of the anti-gun bills have hit the chamber floors yet, but they are passing out of committee with barely any effort from the anti-gunners. They will be coming to the floor of the House and Senate soon.

Keep up your emails and phone calls, and you’d better believe that we are tracking every single vote against our rights. Gun grabbing has consequences, and we’re ready to make them pay at the polls. 

Keep watching our Facebook page and Twitter feed, and visit our website at for updates.
Yours in liberty,

Mark Okern

P.S.  With our current legislature, the anti-gun politicians can propose and pass whatever they want, whenever they want.  Help us elect and support a Pro-Second Amendment legislature in 2014!



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