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New Gender-Based Violence Report on the Bahamas
As part of strengthening the national effort to find effective strategies to end
gender-based violence (GBV) in the Bahamas, the Bahamas' National Task Force on Gender Violence prepared a study on GBV in the Bahamas, which it delivered to the government on February 15th, 2016. Two of the recommendations of the GBV Report include setting up a Department of Family and Gender Affairs – the Bahamas currently has a Women’s Bureau. The Report also recommends establishing a GBV Authority as a statutory body made up of members from the private and public sectors members to facilitate the implementation of the GBV Strategic Plan – soon to be completed. There are also plans to establish a Family Court.
Dr. Sandra Dean-Patterson, Caribbean Gender-Based Violence Expert and member of the Committee of Experts (CEVI) of the Follow-up Mechanism to the Belem do Para Convention (MESECVI) of the Bahamas, is one of the Deputy Chairs of the National Task Force which made recommendations to government in the latest GBV Report on the Bahamas. This Report is produced in connection with UN Women’s Project to: Strengthen State Acco     untability to End Gender-Based Violence in the Bahamas. The national Task Force is chaired by retired Bahamas Supreme Court Justice, Rubie Nottage, along with Co-Deputy Chair, Dr. Robin Roberts and stakeholder ministries: The Bureau of Women’s Affairs in the Ministry of Social Services and Community Development, Ministry of National Security, Attorney General’s Office, Ministry of Education, Science, Health and Youth and the Ministry of Health and Culture.  
The production of this report on the Bahamas and its planned state initiatives come at an opportune time as hemispheric efforts to address VAW are being further developed and strengthened by the Committee of Experts of the MESECVI, currently in its 3rd Evaluation Round.

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MESECVI is a systematic and permanent multilateral evaluation methodology that is based on exchange and technical cooperation between the States Party to the Convention and a Committee of Experts. 

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