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Forsyth HOA & Homeowners is a volunteer organization whose mission it is to educate taxpayers on the consequences of unplanned growth.  Growth too quickly, and building more homes per square mile than ever before results in lagging infrastructure improvements such as roads, schools, parks, sewer and other services. Find out more about us at
Dear Forsyth HOA & Homeowners Members,
RES3 Petition Update:  Have you noticed a change this year? We have seen more trailers at our schools and more congestion on our roads.  This has been caused in part, by putting in too many homes per square mile than ever before in Forsyth. Our infrastructure can't keep up.                  

Will you spend 45 seconds to help?

Make sure you, your family and neighbors have signed the petition to return RES 3 lot sizes to 14,500 square feet, as opposed to the current 10,000 square feet - and have your HOA distribute it.  It's rare in life that such a small effort could have such a great impact on your daily quality of life.

We have just surpassed 
3,700 signatures!  While this is an incredible milestone, we need more participation before the next public hearing to really send a message to our commissioners.

Our last newsletter explained the importance of this zoning category, and how returning it to its prior standards will help to alleviate our congested roads, schools and parks in the long term. 

If you missed our last newsletter explaining why RES3 is so important, take a moment to read it.... and find out more:  And join us on Facebook.

As we said in our last newsletter, our Forsyth County Planning Commissioners unanimously voted in favor of restoring the 14,500 square foot standard, but we still need our Board of Commissioners to vote in favor.  Please join your neighbors by taking one minute to sign the petition below.
   Save the Date!     
Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

Board of Commissioners 
Regular Meeting
County Administration Building
110 E. Main Street, Suite 220, Cumming - 5 P.M.

This is a public hearing on the UDC lot size changes.

   If you have an HOA in your neighborhood, please encourage them to distribute the petition. 
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