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Originally emailed: September 2, 2013
Welcome to the

Forsyth HOA & Homeowners Newsletter

Thank you for signing our ZA3625 petition and for opting in to the Forsyth HOA & Homeowners' emails.  We promise that we will only contact you with important news and opportunities to help make a difference.

Petition ZA3625 Signature Collection Update

1206 signatures across 76 subdivisions in 6 days!

Yes, these are very impressive numbers, but we need even more participation to make an impact.

Although we have received impressive overall response rates, you can see that we have really only scratched the surface of what we can accomplish:

Summary of Top Response Rates (>5% of Subdivisions responding)

Subdivision Responses % of Subdivision
Summerwind 70 55%
Grand Cascades 220 23%
Laurel Springs 319 22%
Lakeside Farms 14 16%
Margate 18 16%
Autumn Ridge 7 10%
Greystone Manor 10 8%
Champions Run 15 8%
Three Chimneys Farm 70 7%
St. Marlo 107 6%
Westwind 2 5%
Woodland Park 16 5%

We need your help!

#1: Please make sure that everyone in your household over the age of 18 signs the ZA3625 petition

#2: Send the ZA3625 petition link to friends, neighbors and anyone you know within Forsyth County urging them to sign as well

#3: Share the 
ZA3625 petition link via your personal or neighborhood facebook page - you can do it simply by clicking the Share button below.

#4: If your subdivision has a Homeowner's Association, let us know who we should contact to help get the word out to your neighbors.  Many HOAs maintain an email list and often send news blasts.  Click here to tell us who to contact (ie. property managers, HOA Board members) and we'll do the rest

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Did you know...

One of the big differences between a RES3 and a RES4/RES6 designation is that RES4/RES6 allows for "single-family attached" development.  These developments include: townhouses, duplexes and quadraplexes.

...additional info on RES3, RES4 and RES6 designations:

RES3 - 2.5 maximum units (ie. homes) per acre; 65 ft minimum lot width; 25 ft minimum front setback; 2,000 square ft minimum heated floor area per unit  
RES4 - 3.5; 60 ft; 20 ft; 1,250 square ft  
RES6 - 6.0; n/a; 20 ft; 600 square ft

L.C. (Buster) Evans, Superintendent of Forsyth County Schools, recently published a report stating 8,000 new students will be entering Forsyth County Schools in the next few years.

This issue effects every homeowner in every district in Forsyth County. Do you think the people in districts 1, 4 and the northern part of 5 want to pay higher taxes because of the high density developments down here? I wouldn’t. And guess what...they are next.

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