Citizens Town Hall Meeting for
Improved Forsyth County Governance 

          Hosted by:       Senator Michael Williams
          When:              Tuesday, November 18 - 7:00 P.M.
          When:              West Forsyth High School 

- Are you concerned about the rate of growth in Forsyth County? 

- Are you worried about property taxes, the future quality of our schools and your property values? 

- Are you concerned that we've voted for SPLOST after SPLOST and bond after bond, yet the problem of clogged roads and over packed schools keeps getting worse?

- Are you concerned that our county leadership has not been representing the best interest of the taxpayers? 

So are we.

Join the Coalition:  This is your third and final opportunity to hear from the experts about the issues facing our county, and to be heard.

1 - Growth Management Issues in Forsyth.

2 - The County Commissioner Voting Model ... Why every citizen in this county lost 80% of their voting power in 2009, and what that has cost us. 

3 - The benefits of forming an additional city in Forsyth, vs merging the City of Cumming with Forsyth County.

A Message from the Sharon Springs Alliance:

Match Challenge: 100 New Donors at $10 Each = $2,000 - Yes its true (no... this is not common core math).

IF (and it’s a big if) we can get 100 new people to donate just $10 each this weekend, we have pledges from local residents to match the first $1K. So if you have been reading our communications and thinking you should donate, now is the time. Just $10. Please help. With this last push we will meet our entire fundraising goal of having the feasibility study funded entirely from residents.  Check our our new "City Light 101" Infographic, you can donate from the infographic page on our website:!city-light-101/c1qif

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