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Originally Sent: September 10, 2013
Forsyth HOA & Homeowners 

We are a group of HOA (Homeowner Associations) and Homeowners in Forsyth County, Georgia that are concerned about the record and unbridled growth within our community.

ZA3625 Petition Update: We have just surpassed 3,600 signatures!  While this is an incredible milestone, we need more participation in the next 6 days to meet our goal of 10,000 signatures.

What can you do?  Well it's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 !
Sign the Petition!

Save the date!

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

Board of Commissioners
  Regular Meeting
County Administration Building,
110 E. Main Street, Suite 220, Cumming

This is an important meeting as the Board of Commissioners (BOC) will vote on ZA3625, the Ballantry High Density Zoning in South Forsyth.

Contact each of the Commissioners, regardless of your district, by phone and e-mail to voice your concerns.  The issue of high density and unmanaged growth is county-wide one.

Get Social!
If you have friends in the following neighborhoods or in the Greater Forsyth County area, please forward this newsletter and urge them to follow the steps above.

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Are you a closet Graphic Designer?  Do you like to play with Photoshop in your spare time?  If so, we are looking for a
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Submit your designs to: by Midnight, Tuesday September 17th.  If we choose your design, we will pay you $150.  You may call it a contest, but we call it Crowdsourcing!

All designs must be submitted as a hi-resolution files (300 dpi .eps, .jpg, etc).  The winning design will become the sole property of Forsyth HOA & Homeowners.

Keep up with critical Forsyth County zonings and issues that affect your community on our new website:
Food for thought...

The National Center for Education Statistics ( classifies schools greater than 25% overcapacity as "Severely Overcrowded". This means higher student/teacher ratios, more children at risk in non-fire emergencies, more wear and tear on school facilities, more crime, more traffic jams and ultimately a decline in academic performance. Based on the Forsyth County Board of Education enrollment stats, Lambert, Riverwatch, and Dave's Creek are "Severely Overcrowded". Lambert is also projected to be 60% overcapacity in it's 8th year since opening.

A potential solution...  cities like Baltimore MD instituted a 3-year moratorium on residential construction to give their BOE time to plan. Baltimore Councilman Douglas B. Riley said "The administration and the Board of Education as well as we, the council, should have their feet held to the fire in terms of coming up with a plan to answer the problem of school overcrowding, and placing a time limit on that is the only way to accomplish that". 
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