Newsletter June 2016
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IDEA strengthens EU position on Technology Deployment
IDEA Consult is strengthening its position on ‘technology deployment in the EU’. Not only it has been the leading partner of the Observatory on Key Enabling Technologies over the past 4 years; between 2016 and 2018 IDEA will also be leading a study on SME access to KETs infrastructure in the EU. And IDEA is also currently supporting the implementation of cross-regional projects for industrial demonstration.
Feasibility study on time banking in Belgium
At the moment, IDEA Consult, together with experts of the KU Leuven, is examining the feasibility of a system of time banking in Belgium. It is commissioned by the FOD WASO to address the discussion around making work more workable and flexible.
Guideline location policy for commercial activities
On 22 April 2016, the Flemish government adopted the draft Decree "location policy for commercial activities". This gives the Flemish cities and municipalities an extra tool to translate their vision for retail trade into practice. Together with Publius en Omgeving, IDEA Consult is going to draft a guideline on the possibilities this instrument offers, tailored to the needs of the local governments.
Leverage projects tourism
There are many eligible projects that can serve as leverage projects for tourism of Toerisme Vlaanderen. IDEA Consult provides guidance and/or advice for a number of projects in Ostend, Gent, Bokrijk, Leopoldsburg, Beringen and Brasschaat.
Financial outlook for the City Region Turnhout
In co-creation with the municipalities in the City Region Turnhout, the VVSG and the Domestic Governance Agency, IDEA Consult has examined the central role of the City Region, how far this role extends and its financial implications for the local governments concerned.
Identifying win-wins for resource efficiency and energy savings
Resource efficiency and energy savings: IDEA Consult helps the European Commission identifying win-wins.
Care-Ys: Designing the matching between territorial development and economic change
Care-Ys is the declination of an economic trend (the silver economy and the numerical economy) to the development of a territory (an economic activity neighborhood in the North of Namur). With the results of this study, the Economical Office of the Province (BEP) will develop this new location as an industrial back office for the health sector of the 21th century.
Corporate R&D&I activities across Global Value Chains
IDEA started a study for the Joint Research Centre - IPTS to identify the geographical and organizational patterns of corporate R&D&I activities across GVCs and their interactions with home and host-countries’ economies and policy initiatives. The results will provide a better understanding of the drivers and barriers to improving the location of high-value creation and knowledge-intensive activities in Europe and the competitive position of EU industry in strategic GVCs.
IDEA is fast growing, and that's why we have been looking for new colleagues with the necessary drive and expertise. And we succeeded! We welcome Kleitia Zeqo, Evrim Engin and Lidia Nuñez (team Competition and Innovation), and Ingrid Schroyens (property and ihb centre management). In the coming weeks we will also be welcoming Daniela Kretz to the Green team, David Monic and Wouter Bervoets to the Property team, Dieter Somers to Innovation, and Dieter Depraetere will reinforce our Leisure team.
Together with Value Partners and MONDEA, IDEA Consult forms the IDEA group. A selection of the projects of our sister organisations are available on and
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