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Welcome to our Winter 15/16 Newsletter

Doesn’t it feel like winter has only just begun? Only a month until it’s officially Spring and my family who ski haven’t even made it up Mt Ruapahu yet. We did try but the picture below tells the story.


So it’s a timely reminder if you drive a 4-wheel drive SUV. Coming downhill on a snowy icy road you have much the same steering control as a 2-wheel-front-wheel drive car. It’s a good idea to put chains on.


Possibly we mention tyres every newsletter now. The reason is safety and that’s where tyres are arguably the most critical part on your car. You can pass a WOF with 2mm of tread on your tyres, but this can be gone in few weeks. And unless you look at them they won’t get checked again until your next service or WOF (12 months later). If you have doubts about the safety of your tyres, bring your car to us and we will check them (at no cost).

Free Check

Please do drop in too if you would like us to quickly check your tyre pressures, oil levels and coolant levels between services. A quick (and free!) check could save you time and money.

Have you met Benson?

Benson teh dogBenson is a wonderful Black Lab
who belongs to Ross and comes
to work a few days a week to avoid
Doggy Daycare.
He likes a pat but please check with
Ross as these days for safety reasons
our customers can’t come into the hoist
areas unless asked.

Technical Corner: Why do some repairs cost so much?

PartsA trend we’re seeing from parts suppliers is the need to replace an entire component when only a small part fails. For example we recently had to replace a wheel bearing, but it is no longer available on its own and we had to replace a whole (much larger) component. That’s everything you see in the picture, the axle, hub, and brake set – over $900 and a lot of waste we don’t like to see. Our mechanics Blair, Ross and Greg are very experienced and while they try to keep cost down where they can it’s not always possible.

Out and About: New Plymouth

New Plymouth has an impressive new Art Gallery extension that’s a good excuse for a trip. The White Hart Hotel in the foreground has been transformed into a great, bar, café precinct.

New Plymouth
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