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August 29, 2014


VIP/Hospitality Lounge

Over 350 Leaders and Media from around the world were welcomed by the VIP/Hospitality team.  This year's Lounge offered a private meeting/boardroom, WiFi, refreshments and a place to network and relax.

One FFIC Executive Committee meeting with Union Youth Directors was held in the boardroom.

World Pathfinder Leader, Jonatan Tejel, held a GC Honors Committee meeting.

South American Division Youth Director, Areli Barbosa, met with 16 Youth Directors from the South American Division.

Survey Report

If you went to the SurveyMonkey tent, you saw many young people filling out surveys!  There were over 700 young people who showed up to fill out one of three surveys offered at this tent.  They were also offered the opportunity to be a possible winner of one of two IPad Minis being given away!

Click here to see who won the drawings.

To view more pictures taken around the SurveyMonkey tent, click here.

Details and analysis of the surveys will appear in future Newsletters.
Bus fire

Many of you have already heard about the bus that caught fire when leaving the Camporee (click here) and have asked about donating souvenir pins and other items procured at the Camporee to the Club.  Click here to contact the Director of the Holloway England Pathfinder Club, Lorraine Johnson.  All passengers in the bus were able to exit the bus safely and all retrieved their passports.
Pathfinders want Oshkosh "every year"

Bob W, Southern California Conference Youth Director, stated that the feedback from over 100 Clubs within his Conference, was so positive, so enthusiastic, that many said - right when they were unloading all of the supplies/luggage from the semi-trailers from Oshkosh - that they had such an amazing experience, they wanted Oshkosh to come along every year!
Lost and Found

If you lost an item at the Camporee and didn't have an opportunity to visit Lost and Found before you left, please contact the CYE office at 269-471-8380 between 8:30am and 5:30pm Monday through Thursday, and 8:30am and noon on Friday.  You will be asked your name, your number, and a specific description of your lost item.

No clothing/apparel was kept, but was donated to a local community service center.  Only electronic items (phones, laptops, cameras, etc), wallets, keys, glasses, etc. were kept.

Any shipping costs will be paid for by the person who lost the item.
Ordering DVDs for 2014 Camporee

If you wish to order DVDs of the Camporee, they will be available at the discounted prices ONLY through September 1, 2014.  These discounted prices are $75 for a full set of DVDs.  The full set includes each evening program, the Sabbath morning worship, and a souvenir DVD.

Individual days ("day in review") or the souvenir DVD can also be purchased for $15 each, or the set of 5 for $60.

To order, click here or call Adventist Information Ministry directly at 877-721-3900 from 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday through Thursday, and 8:30am to noon on Friday.

Camporee Facility

Upcoming Facilities Report

A full report on all Facilities activities will come in a future newsletter!


Safety and Medical

Safety/Medical Report

A full Safety and Medical report will be come in a future newsletter!

TLT (Teen Leader in Training)

Final Report

The TLTs and staff were seen everywhere at the Camporee!

There were 375 TLTs and support staff volunteering 5,960 hours from Monday through Saturday.  They were seen at 18 Honors and 18 Activities, as well as in ice sales, EAA Museum Security, On-Site Parade Security, and On-Site Parade Color Guard, evening program crowd control, Bible Collection, evening program area cleaning and Hangar A sweeping, as well as concessions beautifications.

They were also at the mail center, business center, Lock's of Love, and radio control office.

Why did these young people want to volunteer?  You will never know unless you personally do it, but the experience is so rewarding as you meet many people from all over the world!  You gain new friendships that could last forever, you feel needed and get a sense of self-worth and satisfaction, and the feeling you get knowing you were helping to make the world's biggest Camporee happen - it's indescribable!

Everyone on the TLT team also got to try out their leadership talents God gave them.

Oshkosh is a great way to continue to develop the skills for future ministries for Jesus.  Many of the TLTs volunteering this year will also be on staff in 2019!

Kathy Rowe
TLT Coordinator


Onsite Communications

Live streaming Re-broadcast

You can relive the excitement of the daily baptisms and nighttime programming by clicking here.

Daniel Story Theme Songs

You will soon be able to download the Daniel Story theme songs.  More details coming in future newsletters!

Offsite Communications

Oshkosh Northwestern Newspaper coverage

The local Oshkosh newspaper, the Northwestern, displayed a great photo spread of our Pathfinders at the Sabbath parade. Click here to view.
New Jersey Conference Media Ministries

The New Jersey Conference Media Ministries took videos of various Camporee activities.  

Visitor newspaper coverage of Baptisms

The "Visitor", a weekly news e-bulletin put out by the Columbia Union Conference, shared an article on the Pathfinders baptized at the Camporee.  Click here to read more.
Lake Union Conference Converage

You can watch the full story and coverage of the camporee that was done by the Lake Union Conference by clicking here

International Guests

International Guests

International Ticket Refunds

If you purchased a ticket as an International guest and received a visa denial, your refund can ONLY be processed if the original visa denial documentation, as well as a copy of the digital ticket NOT used, are mailed to the attention of:  CYE, Ron Herr, 4145 E. Campus Circle Drive, Berrien Springs, MI 49104.

Patches for International Guests

If you did not collect your patch at the Camporee from Registration, please watch for a package mailed to you within the next six weeks with the number of patches we have on record for your attendance.  If you resold your tickets to another individual, it is your responsibility to mail that patch to the person whom you sold the ticket to.  CYE does not keep any record of resold tickets. 

Daytime Offsite Activities

Hell and Mr. Fudge Film

Many of you had the opportunity to view the "Hell and Mr. Fudge" film shown at the Museum this year.

Top church administrators have endorsed this film and called for screenings in public venues, as well as wide distribution of the DVDs.  Pastor Mark Finley calls "Hell and Mr. Fudge" a "powerful evangelistic tool".

Your Club can bring this inspiring story of grace and truth to your community and help fund Club activities at the same time!

Get details of the EXCLUSIVE PATHFINDER OFFER and view the trailer by clicking here.

Community Service Update

Community Service was very active at the International Camporee this year!

1.  Pathfinders assembled 3,000 ACS/ADRA cleaning buckets to be distributed to families across North American Division who have been impacted by a disaster.

2.  Over 5,000 Pathfinders participated in offsite community service projects.

3.  Close to 3,000 Pathfinders earned two Community Service honors.

4.  More than 4,000 Pathfinders inspired to complete the remaining 9 Community Service honors once they return home with their Pathfinder Leaders.

5.  3,000 ACS pins and over 8,000 Pathfinder T-shirts were given away to Pathfinders who participated in community service projects.

6.  Off campus projects completed during the Camporee will benefit nearly 150,000 residents in the area.

7.  NAD ACS partnered with the following to provide items for the onsite cleaning bucket project:  ADRA; General Conference; WalMart; Aidmatrix Foundation; UPS Foundation; Wisconsin Lift Truck Corp; American Logistics Aid Network; and Direct Relief

8.  NAD ACS partnered with Oshkosh area community leaders and government and non-profit for community service projects.

9.  47 ACS staff Volunteers worked together to support the Pathfinders.

10.  Volunteers ranged from 9 up to people in their 70's.

Report given by Sean Robinson, Director of Disaster Response for the North American Division.  To contact, Mr. Robinson, click here.
Letter from Youth Sailing Instructor/Leader

The following is a letter shared with CYE from a community leader of the Youth Sailing Offsite program in the Northwestern Newspaper:

"Please allow me to publicly share one of a very few equally remarkable weeks in my life of 52 years - 3 full days of taking our wonderful guests out sailing on our beautiful lakefront last week - the young people attending the Pathfinder Camporee from around the nation and around the globe.

On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of last week, I, along with other staff from our community sailing group, had not only the good fortune to be out on Lake Winnebago with these incredible young people, but in a more profound way, I had the chance to spend three days with high school-aged kids who were (to a person) polite, engaged, kind, fun, great conversationalists courageous, thankful for the chance to be sailing on our waters, and thankful to be in our fair city.

I'm writing as the experience of those days was so moving - not a harsh word, no utterances of profanity, sexual innuendo, no put-downs or ill-wishes.  The utter example left with us by these young people - "Let your life (actions, words, behaviors) speak, use words when necessary" was the subject of conversation in our family, nightly.

As an active Catholic, I found the case for whatever it is within Seventh-day Adventism which bring these youth to this state to be undeniably compelling.

Kids from Newark, Los Angeles, Houston, Baltimore, Dallas, Alberta, Romania, Kenya, Chile - all seemingly from the same springboard with regard to this life - compassion, love, service.  In the end, the best in Christianity.

Thank you to my new friends for a remarkable, memorable, and life-changing experience during your stay with us here in Oshkosh."

Steve Eliasen

You can get the full story on Northwestern by clicking here.


Onsite Special Events

Blood Drive

Many, many Pathfinders were willing to donate at the Blood Drive this Camporee, but due to restrictions such as age limits, weight restrictions, the need to have a photo ID at the time, etc. those Pathfinders were unable to give.

A total of 51 donors were registered which allowed the Drive to collect 29 good units of whole blood!  This will be sent to local hospitals in the Oshkosh area, such as Mercy Medical Center, and Aurora Medical Center.

Kyle Littell, Denver, Colorado


Nighttime Programming

Theme Song

Click here for a downloadable access to the theme song for the 2014 Forever Faithful International Camporee.

Baptismal Report, photos and videos

Over 600 young people were baptized at the Camporee this year!  Thousands went home with commitments to plan for their baptisms in the near future.  More details will be coming in future newsletters!


Prayers Answered

If you think God doesn't listen to the prayers sent Heavenward from our Forever Faithful Pathfinders, think again!  Read this amazing story:

Jerry, my husband, has had a very rough journey medically recently.  He has leukemia and goes into septic shock.  He has to walk with an oxygen tank and can't go many steps without it.

I had to check his oxygen levels repeatedly.  They had dropped frightening low on several occasions He had no supplemental oxygen.  By Saturday morning of the Camporee (we were not present, but at home) he said he didn't feel like having the oxygen anymore.  When I checked his oxygen level, it had gone to 97!  It had previously dropped to mid-70's.  I checked repeatedly throughout that day (Saturday) and he just kept getting better and better!

He doesn't need the wheelchair anymore, nor the large oxygen tanks to cart around. He was out power washing the driveway recently!  I called my sister a few days ago. She was at the Camporee and had told me of the huge scroll on the side of the stage, where people could write down the names of others they wanted to pray for.

That Friday night, my sister wrote down my husband's name and they prayed earnestly for him!  The prayers of our Pathfinders make a HUGE difference!

Ardith Beers

Photos of Baptisms

To view a complete collection of photos of the Baptisms at the Camporee, click here.


Baptism Testimonial

Cathy W. wrote so share the following:

I thank you with all my heart for this Camporee!  My daughter and her family were there, and my grandson was baptized! My husband and I really enjoyed seeing videos of different Clubs and activities, as well as the Baptisms and fireworks.  We even got to watch "live" once and it was almost like we were there!

Our favorite part was the Daniel play.  That play has made me realize how much God loves us, and is with us.  It showed how to walk with God, how to have a relationship with Him.  And it made me rededicate my life to Him to commit to be forever faithful.  Great theme song too!

Thanks to you and to all the people who made this Camporee possible, and to the actors/actresses for all your hard work. May God bless you greatly!  I know you all have made a difference in many lives.

Testimonial for the Play

A special letter was received from Thure M. a professional live state producer/Director:  

"I watched a couple of the live evening programs of the Camporee on the Hope Channel.  I am not easily impressed with drama presentations and know from experience the amount of work involved in preparing a quality production.  I was blown away by the quality of the play!  In my opinion, it was higher quality than a professional presentation!"

He stated that he had viewed the previous video on the life of Joseph as well.  While the quality was excellent, he states that this presentation was full of God's Spirit drawing us toward living in a closer relationship with God.

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