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September 26, 2014


Top 10 Rumors

Rumor #1:  The Daniel Bible story actors were professionals.
FACT:  All of the actors (except the lion den giant puppet actor) were NOT professional actors.  Most of the actors were Pathfinders, just like you or me. When they were young, they were in the Oshkosh audience watching past Bible stories.

Rumor #2:  A few people died at the Camporee, or traveling to and from the Camporee.
FACT:  No one died during, right before or right after the Camporee - Praise the Lord!

Rumor #3:  The Oshkosh Target store posted a sign at their front door that said they were trying to ban Pathfinders from shopping at their store.
FACT:  The store manager said this couldn't be further from the truth!  In fact, he told us his store was the National Sales Leader for the one week while Pathfinders were in town!  He stated that his Target stores loves Pathfinders and that he would like us to have an International Camporee every year in Oshkosh!  Many Pathfinders have told us the same thing.

Rumor #4:  After the Camporee, a public tour bus burned and all luggage was lost.
FACT:  A contracted tour bus carrying International Pathfinders from England did burn; however they lost very little in the fire.  Because of their fire, Pathfinders from all around the world showered them with love by giving them cool trading pins and other souvenirs.  Pathfinders take care of Pathfinders!

Rumor #5:  The theme song contest is really not a contest; it is "fixed".
FACT: Over 80 songs were submitted and at the end of the contest date, two separate songs were put together to make our one theme song.  Begin now, praying about how you may contribute to writing the 2019 CIC theme song!

Rumor #6:  Over 300 Pathfinders were arrested at the Camporee.
FACT:  Not one Pathfinder was arrested during the Camporee.

Rumor #7:  The Camporee Executive Director, Ron Whitehead, had to go to the hospital after the Camporee for surgery.
FACT: Praise God, Pastor Ron feels great, no surgery is planned, his very hoarse voice was back two days after the Camporee!  It is amazing what a little sleep can do!

Rumor #8:  The registration price for the 2019 Chosen International Camporee is going up.
FACT: The General Admission price for the 2019 Camporee is the same as both 2014, and 2009 Camporees.  For the past ten years, the General Admission ticket price has not increased!  The ticket cost remains at $32.50 a day.

Rumor #9:  Because the EAA/Oshkosh campground property is now completely filled up, there will be a limited number of tickets sold for 2019.
FACT: Get your 2019 CIC registration tickets ASAP!  Don't wait until 2019 to begin your ticket purchase.  The last three International Camporees were sold completely out of six months before the Camporee even began.  

Rumor #10:  There will be over 1,000 baptisms at the 2019 Camporee and over 1,000 Pathfinders invested.
FACT:  The answer is:  it is up to you!  This is YOUR Camporee.  What do you and God want to do NOW to make the 2019 CIC a success?  We are stronger together.  Plan now for baptisms and investitures!

Video showing God's blessings

Watch this short video and be inspired by how God blessed His International Camporee!

Vendor items for sale

Many of our vendors that were at the Camporee still have discounted items for sale!

Contact them directly to purchase any of the listed items.

Skip and Karen Lillard
Click here to contact this vendor.
Available:  Pathfinder shirts, hats, polos, sweatshirts, pins.

2.  Adventist Supply Corp.
Wilfredo Rivas
Click here to contact this vendor.
Available:  printing for apparel.

3.  Pathfinder Bible
Click here to contact this vendor.
Available:  Bibles in Spanish, French or English for $29.99

4.  Not Forsaken
Awilda Claros
Click here to contact this vendor.
Available:  T-shirts in any size with FFIC logos.

5.  Bling T-shirts
Jacquelyn Brooks
Click here to contact this vendor.
Available:  T-shirts in variety of styles, FFIC dog tags

6.  Colin Vernon
Click here to contact this vendor.
Available:  T-shirts and FFIC mugs

7.  Jasmin Hoyt
Click here to contact this vendor.
Available:  FFIC pins

8.  Pin King
Click here to contact this vendor.
Available:  pins, 7 Camporee Spinner pins

9.  Great Impressions
Ron Howell
Click here to contact this vendor.
Available:  FFIC T-shirts (S through 3X), Charcoal Heather, Denim Blue, Lite Steel Gray, Pebble Khaki White

10.  Street Ministry
Milton Coronado
Click here to contact this vendor.
Available:  T-shirts with FFIC logo.

11.  Reliv
Click here to contact this vendor.
Available:  Super Packs supply of NOW, LunaRichX capsules.

12.  Pan De Vida
Click here to contact this vendor.
Available:  Richard Aguilera's children's items

DVDs still available

There are still edited and new video footage DVDs available to purchase for the 2014 Forever Faithful International Camporee.  You may purchase the full set (each evening program, Sabbath morning worship, and a souvenir DVD), or you may purchase a "day in review" individual DVD.  Click here for more information.  

Registration for 2019 now open

Register now for the 2019 International Chosen Camporee! Click here for the new 2019 website to view the new logo and to obtain registration information.  Get your tickets now! General Admission fee has not increased since 2009.

You will need to create a new CYE profile when registering for 2019.  Simply go on to, then click on "2019 Camporee".

Once you have clicked on the Camporee, it will take you to a Registration profile page.  Fill out all the information requested there.  You may use your email address as your username, as well as putting it in the email field requested.

Please remember the password you select in the password field.

At the bottom of the first registration page, you will see the following options:

Club Director
Club Member
Non-Club Member

Only Club Directors should be reserving and purchasing tickets for their youth and staff for their particular Club.  

If you are a Club member (but not a Pathfinder, such as a staff member, etc.), you would select Club Member.

If you are NOT going to be staying with the Club, and have accommodations on your own, you would click Non-Club Member.  This will then direct you to a page where you may indicate where your accommodations will be.  If you DO wish to stay with the Club as a Non-Club member, you will be instructed to FIRST get permission from the Club Director.

If you are purchasing more than one ticket as a Non-Club member, you must make separate purchases for each one.  In other words, at this time the system does not allow for multiple purchases (at one time) for Non-Club members.

If you are a Club Director and have purchased tickets for members of your Club, and would now like to go back to your profile to purchase additional tickets, at this time you are not able to do so.  We are working on our 2019 website Registration page to enable Club Directors to go back and purchase additional tickets after their initial purchase.  This should be finalized by November 2014.

Conference Youth Directors may still see the full listing of the number of registrants in each Club within their Conference by going to the website, clicking on "About", then clicking on "National Reports".

An additional field will be added soon that will reflect all Non-Club member registrants, enabling the Conference Youth Directors to see exactly who has registered in each Conference under Non-Club member.

The first 2500 registrants will receive, as before, a commemorative pin along with a Backstage Tour pass.  The tickets you purchase will have the number of the ticket printed directly on it (i.e. if you were the 50th individual to purchase a ticket, the number "50" will appear on your ticket).

When you get to the registration page that asks you to indicate the Club you are registering under, you will now see only the Church name, rather than the Club name as you used to see in the 2014 registration.  If two churches share a Club, the Church name that appears on the Registration page will be the one where that Club regularly meets for meetings.

Currently, there is not a Registration page for Volunteers or International guests; however, that is soon to be built into the Registration process.

For questions about registering, click here or you may call 269-471-8380.
Lost and Found

All Lost and Found items not claimed by Friday, October 3 will be given to charity.

If you would like more detailed information, please contact CYE from Monday through Thursday between 8:30am and 5:30pm or Friday from 8:30am to noon at 269-471-8380 or click here.

Survey Report

You may not have had the opportunity to fill out surveys at the FFIC SurveyMonkey tent, so take the opportunity to do so now!  There are three different surveys to fill out.

1.  Click here for a general survey on Pathfinders.
2.  Click here for a survey on Lifestyles.
3.  Click here for a survey on Beliefs.

For more information, click here to contact Petr Cincala or call 269-471-3589.
More Videos and Photos of Camporee

Vanessa Corrrea, Senior Editorial Assistant of Youth Ministries of the General Conference writes:

"I was so blessed to be at Oshkosh, witnessing how amazing our Adventist youth are.  It was a total honor and a privilege to meet each one of you who were there as I begin my work here in Youth Ministries with this awesome team, both the local team in the GC building and the greater youth ministry team around the world."

To see photos and videos Ms. Correa took at the Camporee, click here.

She goes on to say, "I am so humbled just to witness all the very hard work of the Center for Youth Evangelism personnel, as well as to learn about the ongoing efforts in the divisions and see how lovingly youth directors on all levels lead their Pathfinder Clubs throughout the week.  Our Adventist youth are blessed and highly favored through the work each of you do on a daily basis.  There are hardly enough words to express how awed I am at all of it.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  It was a wonderful time and something I am sure God used mightily to His purposes, for His honor and glory."

Camporee Facility

Facilities Report

1.  There were 304 TONS of trash collected!  This was a 27% increase from 2009.

2.  There was approximately 180,000 gallons of fresh water used during the Camporee.  This does not include water used in the camp sites from those who had their own water source.

3.  We had 912 port-a-lets set up on the campground.

4.  EAA owns 1600 acres and 850 were utilized by the Camporee.

5.  Spacing just for the Activity tents took up 120,000 square feet.

6.  To place "permanent" building spacing (including the EAA museum and all building locations) took up an estimated 184,000 square feet.

7.  Portable trailors that were used for staff lodging and offices took up an estimated 9010 square feet.

8.  There were 683 shower heads on the campgrounds this year.

9.  A total of 714 Golf Carts were rented, using up 150 gallons of gas.

10.  1199 5 pound bags of ice were sold, and 320 blocks (11 pound blocks) were sold.

11.  Just under 1,000 gallons of propane gas was sold.

12.  There were 497 two-way radios rented.

13.  Space covering over 35 acres was set up just for parking.

14.  The Camporee set up 175 flag poles.

15.  Camporee signs were everywhere, totaling 1425.

16.  Four bleachers that held 300 each (1200 total) were set up by the Drill & Drum "Ford" tent.

17.  The water well system was able to pump  600-1000 gallons of water a minute.

18.  There were 215 RV sites available for full time Volunteer staff. 

19.  There was a total of 6070 feet of pole and drape used in the four giant hangars.

20.  The daily onsite activities' Downline Directors rented or borrowed 1050 tables, and rented or borrowed 6610 chairs.

21.   A total of 45 gray water tanks were set up on the camping areas.

22.  Items mailed to GES prior to the Camporee included two full exhibits and four large pallets.

23.  A total of 512 people signed up to receive emergency phone messages during the Camporee.

24.  In total, there were over 20,000 people fed/meals served in the Staff cafeterias.

25.  Camp Staff, Lake Union Conference, and Ohio Summer camp that sets up, as well as takes down the full Camporee over a course of two weeks totaled 145.

26.  Large equipment was used for the Camporee. 4 all-terrain 4x4 forklifts; 6 all terrain forklifts; 1 all terrain scissor lift; 2 all terrain straight book lift; 6 tower lights; 3 utility vehicles; 1 trencher; 1 skid steer; 1 80' crane.

27.  The Camporee used 12 semi trailors for transport of items to and from the Camporee, and 14 semi trailers for the walls.

28.  Almost 6,000 rolls of toilet paper were used!

Daytime Activities

Archeology Honor

Efrain Velazquez, who ran the Archeology Honor, states that they were so overwhelmed with the popularity of the honors booth they were running.  His plan was to "give one lecture in the morning in Spanish for two hours and one in the afternoon in English."  However, so many people came to sign up that he ended up having to lecture, non-stop, for one hour lectures all day long!  He never even took a lunch on Wednesday or Thursday!  All of his 1,000 patches were sold out and he gave away all the rest of his material.  Each group had from about 50-70 people!

Offsite Communications

Some FFIC Youtube Recap Videos

FFIC GoPro Plane - Oshkosh Recap

CVSDA Pathfinders - FFIC Recap

Recap by Melvin Hayden III

LLFC Baptism Video

NAD NewsPoints

The North American Division publishes an online newsletter called "News Points".  

Click here to read the August 6, 2014 article on Pathfinders setting up camp.

Click here to read the August 12, 2014 article on a conversation with Sam Leonor.

Click here to read the August 14, 2014 article on bicyclists traveling to Oshkosh.

Click here to read the August 16, 2014 article on the Investiture program.

Hope Channel viewing

There were approximately 30,000 views of the Camporee live streams on the Hope Channel's website during the Camporee, and over 40,000  subsequent video on demand views after the Camporee.

Debbie S., from the Insight Youth Resource magazine, wrote that her 4-year old son loved watching the Daniel story and reports from the Camporee on the Hope Channel.  She states "I'm glad that you and your team are working so hard to get these huge events together because the memories last a lifetime!  I know that many youth were drawn closer to Jesus and encouraged to be faithful to Him!"

Pathfinder Radio

There were over 36,000 streams when this was taken down, with a lot of positive comments from all over the world.

International Guests

International Ticket Refunds

If you purchased a ticket as an International guest and received a visa denial, your refund can ONLY be processed if the original visa denial documentation, as well as a copy of the digital ticket NOT used, are mailed to the attention of:  CYE, Ron Herr, 4145 E. Campus Circle Drive, Berrien Springs, MI 49104.  This documentation must be postmarked no later than October 30, 2014.

Viewing from Latvia

Edgars writes from Latvia:  "We just recently watched the Daniel story from Oshkosh on 3ABN and believe it is a very inspiring story.  Thank you!  You are doing an amazing job!"

Nighttime Programming

Baptism Report

Click here to view the full the list of pathfinders that were baptized at the camporee.

Baptism Footage

To view baptism footage, click here.

Theme Song in Spanish

Click here to hear the 2014 FFIC Theme Song in Spanish.

Off-Stage Announcer

The off-stage Announcer, Brian Syfert, did an amazing job for all six Main Stage programs.  Do you know what he does for a living when he's not at Oshkosh?  He is a student History tour guide for Washington, DC.  Click here to view this video for more detail.

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