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September 12, 2014


Registration for 2019 now open

Register now for the 2019 International Camporee  "Chosen"!  Click here for the new 2019 website to view the new logo and to register!  Get your tickets now!  General Admission fee has not increased since 2009.

For questions about registering, click here.
Lost and Found

Lost and Found items are now at the CYE office located in the Seminary at Andrews University.  

We have watches; phones (no IPhones); glasses; a purse/bag; camera; and keys.  Please call 269-471-8380 between 8:30 am and 5:30pm Monday through Thursday, and 8:30am and noon on Friday if you are missing one of the items above.  Call within the next two weeks and if your item is found, you will be asked to mail to us a signed written authorization so that we may send the item COD (cash on delivery) directly to you.

If you have already contacted our office to report a missing item, you do not need to call again.

If you would like more detailed information, please contact Alana Gonzalez at 269-471-8380 or click here.

Survey Report

You may not have had the opportunity to fill out surveys at the FFIC SurveyMonkey tent.  

Take the opportunity to do so now!  There are three different surveys to fill out.

1.  Click here for a general survey on Pathfinders.
2.  Click here for a survey on Lifestyles.
3.  Click here for a survey on Beliefs.

Click here to see who won the free mini IPads during the Camporee.

For more information, click here to contact Petr Cincala. 

Early Registrants for 2019

Many of you have already registered for the CIC (Chosen International Camporee) being held in 2019!

The five largest Clubs that have registered so far are:

1.  Calimesa (Southeastern Conference) = 30
2.  Asheville North (Carolina Conference)  = 20
3.  College Drive (Gulf States Conference)  =  15
4.  Cloverdale (Idaho Conference)  =  7
5.  Prince George (British Columbia Conference)  =  7

The Unions (with their Conferences) that have registered so far are:

1.  ATLANTIC  (Northeastern; Southern New England)
2.  SDA CANADA  (Alberta; British Columbia; Ontario)
3.  COLUMBIA  (Chesapeake)
4.  LAKE (Illinois; Indiana; Lake Region)
5.  MIDAMERICA  (Kansas/Nebraska; Rocky Mountain)
6.  NORTH PACIFIC  (Idaho; Oregon; Upper Columbia)
7.  PACIFIC  (Central California; Hawaii; Northern California; Southeastern California)
8.  SOUTHERN  (Carolina; Georgia/Cumberland; Gulf States; Kentucky/Tennessee; Florida)
9.  SOUTHWESTERN  (Arkansas/Louisiana; Oklahoma; Southwest Region)

The very first 10 to register for 2019 CICamporee are:

1.  Brian R - Kailua, HI
2.  Joe L - Rocklin, CA
3.  Tim B - Boiling Springs, SC
4.  Valerie C - Beaumont, CA
5.  David Y - Beaumont, CA
6.  Hayleigh Y - Beaumont, CA
7.  Linda Z - Fallbrook, CA
8.  Mindy Z - Fallbrook, CA
9.  Troy H - Hamilton, Southampton, England
10.  Karen Y - Sacramento, CA

Ohio Conference newsletter

The Ohio Conference Youth Department puts out a newsletter for all youth.  Click here to read an article and view a video about the Camporee!

For more information, contact Steve Carlson.
Pins for Sale

If you are interested in purchasing pins sold at the Camporee specifically from the Florida Conference for a special price, contact Pedro Perez by clicking here.

More Videos and Photos of Camporee

Vanessa Corrrea, Senior Editorial Assistant of Youth Ministries of the General Conference writes:

"I was so blessed to be at Oshkosh, witnessing how amazing our Adventist youth are.  It was a total honor and a privilege to meet each one of you who were there as I begin my work here in Youth Ministries with this awesome team, both the local team in the GC building and the greater youth ministry team around the world."

To see photos Ms. Correa took at the Camporee, click here.

To see videos Ms. Correa took at the Camporee, click here.

She goes on to say, "I am so humbled just to witness all the very hard work of the Center for Youth Evangelism personnel, as well as to learn about the ongoing efforts in the divisions and see how lovingly youth directors on all levels lead their Pathfinder Clubs throughout the week.  Our Adventist youth are blessed and highly favored through the work each of you do on a daily basis.  There are hardly enough words to express how awed I am at all of it.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  It was a wonderful time and something I am sure God used mightily to His purposes, for His honor and glory."

Pathfinder Day Program 2014

If you are interested in obtaining more information on Pathfinder Day and programming surrounding this, contact Vanessa Correa by clicking here.  

There will also be an Instagram Challenge to take place on Pathfinder Day!

Here are the rules:

1.  User must first follow the Instagram account of the department by clicking here.
2.  User must post a picture with two hashtags:  #pathfinderday  #powerofone
3.  Picture must be related to Pathfinder Day and show Pathfinders participating in their uniforms.
4.  There will be a first, second, and third place winners, but the gift will be the same for all of them:  a free Pathfinder Bible mailed to their home address in the color and language that they choose (English, Spanish, or French).

They will choose the winners and communicate with them directly in order to get the Bible to them.

Camporee Facility

Facilities Report

A full report on the entire Facilities will appear in the next newsletter!

Safety and Medical

Safety Report

The Camporee was held in a very safe environment, allowing for a spiritual blessing for many!

The Safety Team accomplished the following:

1.  Two Sheriff Deputies were on the grounds daily from 4pm to midnight and from 7am to noon on Saturday.
2.  EAA provided, every day, four trained Security Officers from 7am to 11pm and two Officers from 11pm to 7am.
3.  Five Community Service Police Officers from the surrounding police departments were on the campground every day for 8 hours.
4.  Sixty-seven Volunteers worked at least four hours per day in a variety of areas.
5.  Seventeen full-time Volunteer Supervisors worked with the team, five of which were associated with a police or sheriff's department outside of Wisconsin.
6.  Four entrances and exit gates into the grounds were monitored 24 hours a day.
7.  Five entrances in the hangar and airport areas were monitored when open to the public.
8.  Security was provided at the EAA Museum when open to the public.
9.  Traffic control was provided for busses leaving and entering the grounds.
10.  The Safety Office was open to the public 24 hours a day.
11.  Radio communication was available 24 hours a day.
12.  The team assisted with the city's 911 calls and directed them to the FFIC Safety Office.
13.  Assists were made with lost campers, lost items, medical calls, and referrals to appropriate authorities.

Reported by:  Bill  Wood

Medical Report

Providing care of our "own little city" of 50,000 was amazing!  We did not experience any deaths or serious illness or injuries.  Praise the Lord!

1.  The Medical team operated with a staff of approximately 130 Volunteers, including Physicians, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Nursing Assistants, EMTs, support staff, and Paramedics.  This was approximately a 30-40% increase in our Volunteers from past Camporees
2.  Our Medical Director, Dr. Mayor, has now served in his 4th Camporee.  And our Assistant Director, Pam Krueger, has now served in 3 Camporees.
3.  The top patient needs were:  respiratory; bumps, bruises, scrapes, and sprains; abdominal pain; a few broken bones; and heat intolerance.
4.  The busiest time of day for the Medical team was between 10am and midnight.
5.  The closest hospital was less than five miles away and there are several urgent care facilities nearby.
6.  An ambulance was on the grounds from 7am until 11pm.
7.  Medical supplies to cover all needs of the Camporee week totaled over $40,000.   Hinsdale Hospital, Aspirus Wausau Hospital, Dr. David Mayor, and Dr. Ray Mayor all donated supplies.
8.  The biggest tip from the Medical team for future Camporees is:  Drink more water!
9.  The Medical team is in "conversations" for 2019 to provide a mobile medical tent for the next Camporee in order to allow for more space, better triage, and easier functionality of the team to care for patients.  

Reported by:  Pam Krueger

TLT (Teen Leader in Training)

Final Report

The TLTs and staff were seen everywhere at the Camporee!

There were 375 TLTs and support staff volunteering 5,960 hours from Monday through Saturday.  They were seen at 18 Honors and 18 Activities, as well as in ice sales, EAA Museum Security, On-Site Parade Security, and On-Site Parade Color Guard, evening program management, Bible Collection, evening program area cleaning and Hangar A sweeping, as well as concessions beautifications.

They served at the snail mail post office and email business center, Lock's of Love, and radio dispatchers for several Downline Directors.

Why did these young people want to volunteer?  To serve others, it is so rewarding.  You meet people from all over the world!  You gain new friendships that could last forever, you feel needed and get a sense of self-worth and job satisfaction, and the feeling you get knowing you were helping to make the world's biggest Camporee happen - it's indescribable!

Oshkosh is a great way to develop the leadership skills for future ministries.   Many of the TLTs volunteering this year will also be on the Adult TLT staff in 2019!

Reported by:
Kathy Rowe
FFIC TLT Coordinator


Onsite Communications

Final Report

1.  The total number of people reached through on-site communication (whether through Facebook postings, posts by other people, page-like ads, mentions, or check-ins) was anywhere from 104,000 on one day, up to 183,000 another day!
2.  The PointsMap traffic report registered over 10,000 users through desktop, and over 22,000 users through mobile devices.
3.  Over 50,000 Daily Newspapers were printed during the week of the Camporee.
4.  Over 40,000 maps were printed for the Camporee week.
5.  Over 35,000 viewed the Main Stage live streaming of the Nighttime program on the Pathfinder Radio and over 75,000 on the Hope Channel.
6.  Onsite Information Ambassadors who wore bright-colored vests spent more than 450 hours assisting people with questions and helping them find their way around.
7.  The FFIC Postmaster delivered over 150 pieces of mail to campers at the campground.
8.  Over 20,000 photos were taken for Onsite Communication; however, about 3500 made the "final cut".

Reported by:  April Romuald
FFIC Onsite Communications Director

Offsite Communications

NAD NewsPoints

The North American Division publishes an online newsletter called "News Points".  Click here to read the latest article on the Investiture program at the Camporee!


International Guests

International Ticket Refunds

If you purchased a ticket as an International guest and received a visa denial, your refund can ONLY be processed if the original visa denial documentation, as well as a copy of the digital ticket NOT used, are mailed to the attention of:  CYE, Ron Herr, 4145 E. Campus Circle Drive, Berrien Springs, MI 49104.  This documentation must be postmarked no later than September 30, 2014.

Patches for International Guests

If you did not collect your patch at the Camporee from the Registration building, please watch for a package mailed to you within the next six weeks with the number of patches we have on record for your attendance.  If you resold your tickets to another individual, it is your responsibility to mail that patch that was given to you to the person whom you sold the ticket to.  CYE does not keep any record of resold tickets.

Reported by:  Glynnis Bradfield 

Daytime Offsite Activities

Final Report

There were over 50 Activities offered at the Camporee and they were serving over 8,000 per hour!

There were over 130 Honors offered at the Camporee and they were serving over 22,000 people per hour!

There were over 25 Special Events/Activities offered at the Camporee and they were serving over 2500 people per hour!

You can see how busy our Volunteers were who were providing these Activities, Honors, and Events for all our attendees!

We utilized 500 tables and 35 tents to put these activities on for Pathfinders.  

The most popular Honor provided (by attendance) was "Basketry".

The most popular Activities were the "Inflatatibles" and the "Drill and March" competitions.

Reported by:  Eddie Heinrich

57 Chevy Convertible draws a crowd

Rick Garner, Secretary of the Texas Conference writes:
"Thank you to CYE  for supplying space for us, and especially using your 57 Chevy!  The car was a major draw and made our endeavor a success!  We ended up handing out 300 ARC fliers and 300 invites to our Meet-n-Greet for the General Conference in July 2015!"

For  more information about the Adventist Rodders Club (ARC), click here.  


Onsite Special Events

Onsite Parade

The largest parade held onsite totalled over 10,000 participants!

The largest with 5500 was the Southern Union, followed by 4500 from the Southwestern Union!

Reported by:  Hubert Cisneros

Nighttime Programming

Baptism Report

A link to the website to view the full Baptism report will be included in the next newsletter!

Final Report

1.  There were at least 126 engineering pages used to design the Main Stage.
2.  Over 90,000 tons of water ballast was used to stabilize the Main Stage, with an additional 20,000 tons for wings (screens and speaker section); over 110,000 pounds in total weight holding it down, or 55 tons!
3.  Setting up the Main Stage began on Sunday, August 3 and was completed on August 12.  This was the most difficult design in any Camporee to both design and build.  The weather and other factors delayed the setting up of the Main Stage as well.
4.  Taking down the Main Stage began on Sunday, August 17 and was completed by Tuesday morning, August 19.
5.  Nebuchadnezzar statue was 45 feet tall!  The Biblical Nebuchadnezzar statue was 90 feet tall; the Camporee was prohibited from building one this tall because of the airport nearby, limiting its height.
6.  It took 26 engineering pages to design the statue.
7.  There were 90% more lights used at the Main Stage than at any other Camporee.
8.  There was over 4200 feet of walls/fencing built around the Main Stage.
9.  There were 5 sets of 18-20 speakers each used for the Main Stage.

Reported by:  Randy Griffin

Offering Report

Offering taken up at the Camporee totaled over $40,000!  Foreign currency was also collected, totaling around $250 American money.  It took almost five hours (with 9 people!) to count all the offering!

The largest donation given was a $100 dollar bill!

There were 15 international currencies donated.

Most of the individuals that picked up our offering were TLT's.  It took over 10 minutes to pick up offering, but with around 102 people doing so, using 1,000 buckets!

Reported by:  Ron Herr

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