Pastor Ron's Top 10

1. Braveheart Kids Village Volunteers Needed
BraveHeart Kids Village, managed by NAD Children Ministries Dept. needs volunteer adult staff. For more information, contact Gerry Lopez.

2. On-site Communication Director Needed
See job description here. Contact Pastor Ron.

3. Safety/Security Downline Director Needed
See the job description here. Contact Pastor Ron.

4. Pet Policy
No Pets are allowed at the Camporee, but many “pet hotels“ are available. Learn more...

5. Downtown Parade Coordinator Needed
Work with Gillette community leaders to coordinate a downtown parade with up to 10,000 pathfinders. Job description here. Contact Pastor Ron.

6. Choir Director Needed
See the 2019 choir performance. Download the job description here. Contact Randy Griffin.

7.  Pathfinder Clubs 
Youth Leaders in Mexico Move Fast to Reclaim Hundreds of Pathfinders Clubs. Learn more...

8. Teach an Honor
In 2019, 150 honors were offered and we are planning for over 200 honors in 2024. If you would like to teach an honor, fill the honors application form here.

9. Lost and Found Coordinator Needed
See the job description here. Contact Pastor Ron.

10. Gillette, WY Webpage
The city of Gillette has created a webpage just for Pathfinders as you make plans! Learn more...

Featured News

Pastor Ron talks with Dee and Andrea McClure at Ice Cream Cafe about some rumors that have been going around. Are the rumors true?
"Had a great day touring Cam-Plex, the new site for our 2024 International Pathfinder Camporee! Guys…this place is going to bring this event to the next level. The campus is HUGE. The buildings are HUGE and NICE. Buckle up for an amazing event in 2024."  - Zack Payne, Wisconsin Youth Director
See his original Facebook post here.
Upcoming Gillette, WY Tour dates:
  • Monday, May 30, 2022
  • Monday, August 15, 2022
  • Monday, September 12, 2022
Tours start at the Cam-Plex Facilities Energy Center promptly at 9 am and include a FREE lunch if you RSVP with Vern Byrd. See the schedule here
On December 31, 2021, the first 2,500 Camporee tickets sold out, and with them backstage passes. 

Top Ticket Sales Report

#1. North American Division - 2470
#2: Inter-American Division - 66
#3. Trans-European Division - 36

#1. Southern California Conference - 213
#2. Texas Conference - 198
#3 Southern New England Conference - 149

#1. Mountain View SDA - 60
#2. New Hope SDA - 60
#3. Austin Spanish First SDA - 56
Carmichael Pathfinders Reach Out to Unhoused People in Sacramento. Learn more...
Meet the 2024 Gillette, Wyoming Airport Greetings Coordinator:
Dr. Simone English. Learn more... 
Meet the 2024 Habitat for Humanity Coordinator: Cathy Kissner. Learn more... 
Pin designer suggestions: Pinfinder ClubWild Pins, and Wizard Pins. The International Camporee does not endorse any of these companies.
A friendly reminder: List all pathfinder equipment on your church's insurance policy so that you are protected if anything gets stolen. Learn more...
The 2024 Sturgis Bike Rally will take place over 100 miles east of Gillette, Wyoming.  At the 2021 Rally a group of Adventist Christians shared the Gospel. Learn more...
Meet the 2024 Honors Coordinator: Brenda Parker Brandy. Learn more...
See how the 1,000 backpacks gifted to Cuban Pathfinders by youth from all over the world at the 2019 International Camporee are being used. Learn more...
Meet the 2024 Farmers Market Coordinator: Ed Gimbel. Learn more... 
If you've missed any of our facebook live info sessions, you can watch them here

Ticket Information

International Guests
International guests will not receive ticket refunds for denied US visa requests, so please carefully follow the steps below.

1. Obtain your U.S. visa.
2. Ask your Union Youth Director for the registration code.
3. Go to and purchase your tickets.
4. Contact Nestor Osman with any questions.
North American Division Clubs
Only one account may be created for each church. If your church has created more than one account, please contact us with the account information of those multiple accounts and clarify which account should be the main account.
Can't Register Your NAD Club?
North American Division Pathfinder club directors, if you cannot find your church on the list when you register for the Camporee, please contact us. If your church's number of purchased tickets is incorrect on our reports page, please contact Sam Clough.
Purchase Tickets for Camporee
The cities of Gillette and Wright Wyoming have created a webpage specifically to keep Camporee participants and their families current on all local activities, happenings or events. Visit it here.


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