Youth Evangelism Congress Newsletter • January 29, 2016
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Dear <<First Name>>,

God has great things in store for us in exactly two weeks time. We just can't wait to see you at the Lake Union Youth Evangelism Congress!

Pastor John, from Bloomington SDA Church shares his enthusiasm for the Congress:
"My delegates are really excited. We will be sending 10-11 young people from Bloomington. 
And thank you for all the prayer! Our group is growing stronger and more organized every day. It is even overflowing into the rest of the church with community service projects being headed by another young person.  Melissa Paneto was able to raise 1,400 dollars and garner support for over 70 hours of volunteering at the Community Kitchen. God is so good and I can't wait to see what comes next. 
Have an awesome week and know that because of your enthusiasm and willingness to be used by God churches are being revitalized and a new generation is being raised up to be ready for Christ's soon return."

We can't wait to see what comes next either. We want to see how God can work through this Congress so that you and your church can also share stories like Pastor John's and Melissa's.

Now join us in prayer. Let us get in sync with God from this very day, asking him to show us how He has Called each and every one of us to Serve.

And if you haven't already done so, register right here.

Called to Serve,

Ron Whitehead
LUC Youth Ministries Director
(C) 269-208-1344
(O) 269-471-8380
Alexandra Mora
LUC Youth Evangelism Congress Director
(O) 269-471-8385
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Check out the program!

What's in store for us Feb. 12-14, 2016? Here is a sneak peak of the program!
Our Main Speaker...
Remember Jeffrey Rosario, our main speaker?

He will be sharing 4 plenary sessions with us. Be prepared to be inspired!
  1. My Story. 
    God is not looking for great abilities, but for our sincere availability.
  2. The Great Conspiracy. 
    Is the Great Commission actually a great conspiracy designed to save our own souls and not merely those we seek to evangelize?
  3. Significance of the Insignificant
    Those who feel they have very little to offer are the ones in greatest danger of neglecting their gifts and squandering their opportunities.
  4. What’s Your Legacy?
    We live in a world where the culture makers are young adults in their twenties and thirties. What do young Adventist Christians have to contribute?
Welcome new registered!
More people have joined the Congress family. Please receive a special welcome, new registered delegates:
Erin Ford, Lucinda Ford, Jennifer Ford and Catherine Gedney (Waterford Riverside SDA Church), Bruce Kwon, Pablo Escobedo, Blain Powers, Javier Melendez, Melissa Paneto, Mellisa Powers, Jordan Lynton, Won Kim, Adrian Paneto, Dominique Kemp and Mike Riley (Bloomington SDA Church), Judy Ramos (East Lansing University and MI Conference), Veronica Sotelo and Eva Cruz (South Hispanic SDA Church), Karina Cruz (Little Village SDA Church), Esther Landa (Addison Hispanic Mission Group), Viviana Juarez, Melissa Erb, Jean-Marcel Clouzet and Jarrett Coleman (Wisconsin Academy), Kiana Binford, Madeline Konshak and Joel Campbell(Green Bay SDA Church), Eliud Sicard, Brandon Sebeh, Krystle Sicard and Shelbi Slade (Shalem SDA Church), Joselyn Rovelle Quartz (Racine SDA Church), Jezz Ziesmer, Alex Ziesmer, Aric Lund, Alisha Lund, Stephanie Wirtz, Brittany Wirtz, Alexandria Clark and Kristin Ziesmer (Lena SDA Church), Steven Poenitz (Cicero SDA Church and President of the Indiana Conference), Erney Poenitz (Cicero SDA Church), Alexandra Mora (Madrid, Spain) and Vern Byrd (Berrien Springs Pioneer Memorial Church).
We are looking forward to seeing you all in February!    

Special congratulations for Bloomington SDA Church with 11 delegates and Lena SDA Church with 8 delegates!
We will be needing volunteers to help us out during the weekend. Please fill out this form if you are willing to help us out.
Thank you! :)
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