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Camporee Forms


School Release Letter

For those of you who may need to provide a letter to your Pathfinder's school that indicates their attendance at the Camporee for possible release / excuse from school, click here.

Camporee Tickets  

We are sold out of all tickets, except our Volunteer tickets.  If you are still in need of tickets for the Camporee, please contact your own Conference Youth Department to determine if they have any extra tickets.  If they do not at this time, please put your name on a "wait list" with your own Conference. There are people who have purchased tickets and, for a variety of reasons, can no longer go.  They are wishing to sell their tickets.  By putting your name on a "wait list", your own Conference can then contact you in order for you to purchase your tickets directly from someone who is wishing to sell.

For more information contact .

Volunteer Tickets

There are still Volunteer tickets remaining.  If you are interested in serving as a Volunteer, we ask that you commit at least 5 hours a day to serving at the Camporee. To apply, first create your own CYE account.  You would then "Register" yourself for the Camporee by clicking on "Register".  Go to the Volunteer page and fill out the Volunteer application in its entirety.  Download the form, and print it off. The last page of the form should be sent to your Conference Youth Director for their signature at the bottom of that page.  They can then scan and email that form to the CYE office at Once you have downloaded the form, press "Purchase Ticket" at the bottom and this will lead you to where you would pay for your ticket.

For more information contact

Volunteers Needed

We still need volunteers for these areas of the FFICamporee

1. Facilities (tables/chairs, trash, tents, showers)
2. Safety (Security Guards, Emergency Services)
3. Setup Week (August 4-11) and Teardown (August 17-18)
4. Special Events for daytime: ADRA, Fun Run, Parade,etc. (August 12-15)
5. Professional Photographers and Videographers
6, FFIC Radio Station (must be great public speakers)
8. Safety Staff who are willing to work a night shift (11pm-4am, 4am-8am)
9. Multi-lingual interpreters for camporee registration
10. Volunteer Staff needed to help load buses for offsite activities
11. Nighttime Volunteers for evening program (ushers, clean up)
12. Sign Language Interpreters for Daytime and Nighttime
13. Licensed hairstylists for Locks of Love Booth (contact Rose Cabello at 805-204-7034)
Please fill out the Volunteer application: Click Here and specify in comments where you want to volunteer. 
Email Karacan Thomas, Volunteer Coordinator, or call 269-471-8388 for more information.

Camporee E-Tickets

Tickets will be sent to the email address of the person who registered and bought the tickets. Further information on redeeming your ticket will be provided in a future newsletter.

Food Concessions

Still needing food vendors to feed 46,000 hungry Camporee campers. This is an awesome way to earn money for your Pathfinder Club. Options that are currently available: haystacks, mexican food, pasta or anything Italian, burgers, hotdogs and corn dogs, popcorn or kettle corn are all great choices and right now you have little to no competition.

For more information contact
Dan Burnett: (574) 315-4191 email:
or go to our web page:


Tour Historic Adventist Village

Battle Creek, Michigan, Point of Interest

Historic Adventist Village, located in the west end of Battle Creek, Michigan, shares the story of "A People Who Lived to Honor God."  The Village is a fascinating three-block experience that includes authentically restored or replicated buildings featuring the heritage of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The Village is for all ages and is both interactive and educational.

Attention Pathfinder Clubs: In order to accommodate the number of Pathfinder Clubs that will be stopping on their way to or from Oshkosh. PLEASE, each club must register and prepay to reserve a time slot. Clubs with reservations will be honored first to the best of our ability. Times that are full as of 4/4/2014 are August 8th at 10:00 am, August 10th at 11:00 am, 12:00 and August 11th at 8:00 am, 9:00 am, 10:00 am. The village will open at 9:00 am and close at 8:00 pm. Sunday – Friday on Sabbath 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm.

For more information Click Here

or contact Stanley Cottrell at (269) 965-3000

Camporee Facility

Food & Non-Food Pre-Orders From Area Stores

1. Pre-order food items at the Sam's Club in Appleton, WI, 25 miles north of the FFIC Camporee. 

Sam's Club Food Pre-Orders: Click Here

2. Pre-order non-food items at the local Wal-Mart in Oshkosh, WI.

Follow these steps:

  • Click on the link for Wal-Mart Non-Food Pre-Orders: Click Here
  • Go to my account- located in upper right corner of screen.
  • If you already have an account, just log in and start shopping.
  • If you do not have an account, you will need to create an account. Then start shopping.
  • When you are picking a store, please make sure you make Oshkosh your pick up location.

Please follow the guidelines for ordering online. Do not order a month in advance. Order a few days before you arrive.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact the local store for more information about ordering online by calling 920-231-1575.
Walmart store located at:
351 South Washburn Street
Oshkosh, WI

Kellogg & Worthington Bulk Food Pre-Orders

Pre-order bulk food items from Kellogg's, Loma Linda Foods, MorningStar Farms, and Worthington Foods, now, for pick-up at the Camporee on August 11 at the Red Barn Store. Orders will be taken until June 15, 2014.

Follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Camporee account on the FFIC website.
  • Under MYCAMPOREE click on Camporee food orders.
  • Select the items you want to purchase, then click on Checkout.
  • Please follow the guidelines and directions for ordering online.
  • You will pick up your food items from the Campground Red Barn Store on August 11 at the FFICamporee after 12pm noon.

If you have any questions, please contact Vern Byrd or call him at 269-208-7183.

Golf Carts

General Conference, Division, Union, and Conferences that need to reserve golf carts and two-way radios must have their application and full payment mailed in by June 1, 2014.

Send completed rental form and check or money order in US funds for payment to:

FFIC Camporee Golf Cart Rental
Center for Youth Evangelism
4145 E. Campus Circle Drive
Berrien Springs, MI 49104-1570

Golf cart prices cover the period of time between Tuesday, August 12, 2014, and Sunday, August 17, 2014. Please Note: Golf Carts will only be issued to Conference/Union Youth Directors or those authorized by Forever Faithful.  Carts are to be used for the transporting of the physically challenged or moving people or equipment within the respective conference.  Golf carts must be driven by adults 18+ years of age who hold a valid driver’s license.

CLUB DIRECTORS - If you have anyone within your Club that is physically challenged and has need of a Golf Cart, please first contact your Conference Youth Director as they may already have reserved Golf Carts for your particular Conference. There will be shuttle buses available to transport Camporee attendees around the perimeters of the Camporee campground.

Facility Guidelines

To view a complete list of Facility camping Guidelines - Click Here. Please read these guidelines to become familiar with insurance, camping, showers, and many other requirements while you are at the Camporee. 
You'll also find information about where to plug in your Medical CPAP machines.

Safety and Medical

Safety and Main Stage Seating Tips
  • Have at least one adult at your campsite at all times. 
  • Adults should accompany Pathfinders at all times.
  • When saving seats at the Nighttime Program arena, have an adult stay with the tarps, chairs, etc.  Remember the rule of: seat one and save one.  Only one person can save one seat for someone else.  If you have a tarp or blanket, it must be 50% filled with people in order to save the other half of your tarp or blanket. Do not leave your property unattended.  It will be taken to lost and found.
For more information please contact Bob Wong at:

Camporee Safety Guidelines

To download and read the complete Camporee Safety Guidelines, Click Here. These Safety Guidelines cover EAA rules, Extreme Weather alerts, Medical Emergencies, Missing/Lost Child, and so much more! Sign up with your cell phone for emergency messages during the camporee.

Medical Team Volunteers

E-mail Pamela Krueger, RN, MSN, at with the following information:
  1. Your full name
  2. Your specialty - Doctor, RN, Paramedic, EMT, C.N.A., Therapist, Office Assistant, other
  3. Your area of practice
  4. Day of arrival
  5. Preferred shift to work
  6. Club responsibilities
  7. Phone number that you can be reached at during the camporee
  8. Available for set up at the medical building
  9. Any questions that you might have
  • For a description of Volunteer responsibilities Click Here.
  • For a list of supplies for Volunteers to bring Click Here.
  • For important basic information about Medical Volunteers Click Here.

Medical Information for Club Directors & Camporee Attendees

Read an important letter from your FFIC Medical Team, Click Here.

Print the Individual Medical Form, Click Here. Have each Pathfinder parent/guardian fill out this medical form and return it to the Club Director and keep a copy on each Pathfinder during the camporee.

Union/Conference Headquarters @ Camporee
  • All Union & Conference headquarters should have an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) machine. 
  • (Optional) Bring a quiet generator with power strips to provide charging stations for your clubs.  Although there are some charging stations located around the Camporee.

TLT (Teen Leader in Training)

Help Get the Word Out to TLT's

Youth/Club Directors:                                        

We need your help to get the word out to all TLTs and youth ages 13-17.  We have a great opportunity for them to start using their leadership skills by volunteering to serve at the Forever Faithful International Pathfinder Camporee in Oshkosh, WI.  There are many areas of need for every teen’s talent.  It also looks good on scholarship applications for college.
Encourage teens ages 13-17 to go to the Camporee web site at Click on registration, then volunteer, then TLT volunteer.  Someone will contact them once they have registered to get them serving in the area of their choice at Oshkosh.
In 2004 TLT’s volunteered 3500 hours and this year we need even more help. 

For more information please contact Kathy Rowe at:

Onsite Communications

Connect with Us on Social Media

Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook and show us how you're getting ready for the Camporee on Instagram at 2014 FFIC.  Get your friends to join today!

To visit the twitter page click here: FFIC Twitter
To visit the Facebook page click here: FFIC Facebook


Public Communications

If you are looking for an electronic FFIC logo 

This is for your Tshirts, hats, etc.. Please visit our website and click on Forms and Documents, then under Marketing materials click on "View Materials".

For more information and direct access Click here

NAD News Points

Exciting information in the most recent NAD News Points bulletin about Pathfinders' activities, Life Talk Radio and more! Be sure to read this bulletin at and look for the article on our Pathfinders in the May 21, 2014 edition!

International Guests

International Village Gearing Up for World-Wide Groups!
International groups attending the FFIC have camping options: staying with a North American Pathfinder Host Club, or camping at the International Village.

Those camping at the International Village will be self-sufficient, providing their own food and camping needs. Ken Veal and his wife June will be your International Village host. At "your village" a variety of support services await you including:
  1. Three large tents for morning worship gatherings, dining, and meetings
  2. Information centers - daily schedules & news, messages for International groups, local community information and more.
  3. Retail Store Service Directories - where to get needed supplies in the Oshkosh community.
  4. Nearby trips options
The International Village will be a gathering hub for all International groups - a place to connect and share. Camping areas will be pre-allotted depending on reservations information. The International Village will be open to campers beginning with Monday, August 11 at 12 noon. No camping is allowed prior to Monday. Ken and June are looking forward to the arrival of all International campers. Safe traveling and see you at Oshkosh! 

For more information please contact Ken Veal at:

USA/CANADA Clubs: Please Finalize Hosting Arrangements

We have emailed all North American clubs who signed up to host International guests. Responses are urgently needed. 
  1. If you haven't received an email with a hosting request, please email today.  Include all of these details: club leader’s name, email and cell #, club name, city, conference, and number of guests you can host. 
  2. If your club is in direct contact with an international group already and you have not emailed, please email these details:
    1. Your club leader’s name, email and cell #, club name, city, conference
    2. Your guest group leader’s name, email and cell#, club name, country, conference, and number registered. 
INTERNATIONAL GUESTS: Finalize Accommodation Plans

If you did not request North American club hosting, please email to let us know your accommodation plans:
  1. Will you stay off the campgrounds in a hotel etc?
  2. Do you plan to bring your own tent and food to stay on the campground in the International Village?  If so, please state how many group members are camping together.

We celebrate over 120 Clubs in 9 Unions that have committed to host 2,013 guests from 11 International Divisions! To see who is hosting who click here.

We still need hosts for Mongolia and Tanzania guests so if you can host or need more information please email

For more information about International Guests and Registration click here.


Daytime Activities

Honors & Activities

A list of all Honors and Activities that will be offered at the Camporee is available on the FFIC website. You will not need to sign up in advance for any of these Honors or Activities with a few exceptions.

For more information watch the next newsletter for more details.

Are you Interested in the Prayer Honor?

This honor is sponsored by the Revival Reformation initiative of the Seventh- day Adventist Church. Join with thousands of others who are on the journey to earn the Prayer honor at the Camporee! Between now and the Camporee, look for one requirement for each month in this newsletter. Then at the Camporee, look for the remaining requirements each day in the Camporee daily newspaper. The first three requirements (May, June, July newsletters) should be done before the Camporee, since they require extra time to complete. The remaining requirements can be completed at the Camporee during worships and meetings for clubs. Start now! Encourage each of your Pathfinders to participate in this Prayer Journey. 

Prayer Honor Requirement #1: As a group or with a friend, read/listen to and discuss the chapter on Prayer int he book Steps to Christ. Prayer Focus: Pray for the Pathfinder Directors and Clubs around the world who are still raising money to go to Oshkosh. Pray that they will achieve their goals.

For more information about the Prayer honor requirements click here.

A New Exciting Honor is Coming with a Game App!

"The God's Messenger" created by the Ellen G White estate is unique in content, as well as presentation. It is much more than just a history of the life and times of EGW. It includes the biblical basis for the gift of prophecy, tests of a prophet, and the relationship between the Bible and Ellen's writings. It also gives a brief introduction to her writings, underlying their relevance for the 21st century. After a dynamic hour-long hands on class, Pathfinders will be able to download the free Pitcairn game app and play their way to completing the honor!

Space is limited! Register when you arrive at the Camporee!

Oshkosh in Step for Life 3 Day Challenge

Registration is still open for the Oshkosh InStep4Life challenge!
Run/walk a 5k, compete on bootcamp exercises, or run 1 mile and win
freebies (tshirt, pedometer, instep4life pin) for participating. The top
10 clubs with highest points accumulated over the 3 days will win
$500 and trophy. Those who participate at least 2 days will receive a
special InStep4Life Oshkosh Patch! Learn more or register today at

A webinar explaining the 3-day
challenges, the point system, and the volunteer needs will be held on June
10, 2014 at 8pm EST (register on above website). To check out the video click here:

For more information on volunteering for this event email: 

Drill and Drum Corp Competition

The deadline to register for the drill and drum corp competition is May 30!

Judges are still needed!

For more information email Joel Hutchins at

New Off Site Outreach Activity

The “ROAR Project" – R–Reach, O–Out, A-And, R-Roar
Join “Project Roar” as we distribute 10,000 Real Magazine issues to Oshkosh and surrounding communities. This special issue of Real Magazine will highlight the life of Daniel plus other interesting
stories. Real magazine is the journal produced by the Review and Herald, which is targeted towards young people outside the SDA Church. We want to share with the communities what the Forever Faithful Pathfinder Camporee is all about and of course the life and example of Daniel and the lessons young people can learn. The “Roar Project” is being organized and planned by members of local SDA churches in the area.
Registration forms can be found on the Forever Faithful Camporee website. Download the form and fill it out. Send the form to the contact person listed on the bottom. Pathfinders will be bussed to areas where the journal will be passed out. Pathfinders must be accompanied by an adult staff member.
We are looking for 3,000 Pathfinders that are willing to “ROAR” for Jesus!!!

For more information contact Randy Fishell:

EAA Museum Movie Schedule 

The EAA Airplane Museum Movie Schedule is as follows: 

Tuesday: 8:30-10:00 am (How Great is our God), 10am- 12pm (Hell and Mr. Fudge), 2-4pm (Hell and Mr. Fudge)
Wednesday: 8:30-10:00am (Desmond Doss), 10am-12pm (Hell and Mr. Fudge), 2-4pm (Hell and Mr. Fudge)
Thursday: 8:30-10:00am (Secret of the Cave), 10am-12pm (Hell and Mr. Fudge), 2-4 pm (Hell and Mr. Fudge)
Friday: 8:30-10 am (How Great is Our God), 10am-12pm (Hell and Mr. Fudge), 2-4 pm (Hell and Mr. Fudge)
Sabbath: 2-4 pm (Hell and Mr. Fudge)

For more information contact Bill Wood:

Talent Stage Information

The Talent Stage will be located near the food concession area by the Red Barn. Following is the Talent Stage Schedule:

Wednesday through Friday: 9-9:30 am (Talent Stage Sign Up), 9:30am-1:30 pm (Talent Auditions) 

The winners from the Talent Stage will perform their winning audition on the Nighttime Main Stage that evening.

For More Information contact: Buddy Houghtaling at

Meet The Nighttime Drama Actors

If you enjoyed the Daniel Bible Story and really want to meet the actors come to the Talent Stage.

Wednesday through Friday: 2:00-3:00 pm

Watch the next newsletter for dates and times.

Meet Ryan and Friends at the Talent Stage

From 3:30-4:30 there will be a presentation with Ryan and Friends.

Calling all Unicyclists
If you are 18+ years old and have been riding unicycles for some time, and have even taught others, and would be willing to teach at the camporee, we need your help. We need teachers starting at 12pm Tuesday, August 12, and Wednesday-Friday, August 13-15 from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

If you can help, please contact Ed Lynn
 at or  
Call 615-325-1918 or 615-325-3245. 

Special Events

Coming Soon

A schedule for Flag Raising and Lowering, Daily Parades, and Baptisms will be published in the next Newsletter.

If you have never flown in a Plane Before
Join the EAA Young Eagles

Pathfinder Directors

Give your Pathfinders the experience of flight the Forever Faithful Camporee. Once again William Greenly and Brian R. Smith are organizing Young Eagle Flights for Pathfinders (ages 8-17) at Camporee. Flights will start on Tuesday August 12 at 12:00 noon local time and run till 5:00pm. Tuesday thru Friday Flights will run from 9:00am-2:00pm. The flights will last and 15 minutes and must be reserved. The process to reserve a flight is as follows:
  1. Send an email to Brian R. Smith at with the number of Pathfinders and your 1st and 2nd choice of a day and time you would like to fly.
  2. An email will be sent back to the Club Director with the registration forms and the day and time of the flights for your club. The Club Director should have Pathfinder parents fill out and sign and the registration forms and the Pathfinder or Club Director must bring the forms to Camporee.
  3. Show up at the designated place and time to take the flight. Be patient, delays could happen.
  4. All flights are subject to the weather. If your time slot gets weathered out there is no rain date.
    1. Weather can include rain, low clouds, poor visibility and or high winds.

Nighttime Programming

Choir Auditions

If you have auditioned for the Camporee Youth Choir and have not heard back from us with a confirmation that we have received it, please contact Randy Griffin.

Please submit your Choir auditions as soon as possible using the links below. We would love to have you participate with the FFIC Youth Choir on Sabbath morning.

More details:

More Information: Joseph Choi, Choir Director.

Praise Team Auditions

Would you like to perform with the Praise Team on the main stage? We are accepting auditions from any Pathfinder (ages 9 to 19) who would like to sing or play an instrument. Different winners will be selected to perform on each one of the 5 nights. Please submit your audition here.

We are asking each of you to submit the title of a song that you would like to hear and sing at the camporee. Please send ONE song title to  

Main Stage Talent Auditions

You can showcase your talents and participate in the daily Talent Stage auditions which may get you a spotlight on the main stage for that night's program. The Talent Stage will be open daily for sign ups from 9-9:30am.  Auditions will be from 9:30am-1:30pm.

We're allowing ONLY ONE ENTRY per club per day!  You must be accompanied by your club director or their older adult appointee. 

For more information contact Buddy Houghtaling.

Baptisms at FFIC

Would you like to seal your commitment with your Forever Faithful Friend Jesus? 

Every club in encouraged to bring one person for baptism.

Watch for the baptism schedule options in the next newsletter.

You may access the Baptism Registration Form online. If you're under 18 please be sure to have your parent/guardian, and pastor, read and sign the form.  If you're 18 and older, you must submit the baptism form with your pastor's signature.

More information: contact Gary Thurber, Baptism Coordinator.


Would you like to be invested as a Master Guide, PIA or PLA at the Camporee? Please verify the completion of all of your requirements with your Conference Youth/Pathfinder Director prior to submitting your application. Click Here to submit your application.

All applications received before June 15, 2014 will receive a free commemorative pin and certificate. (If you need a scarf, slide, patches, etc., you must order them through your Conference office Youth/Pathfinder Director or local Club Master Guide Director.) Applications will be accepted until August 8, 2014, however, souvenir commemorative pins and certificates will cost $10 for applications received after June 15.

Paid Advertisements Will Follow

Information for Off Site Paid Commercial Excursions/Tourist Trips

Information about the off site paid excursions can be found if you click here. If you have questions about cost, reservations, tickets, airport, or shuttle services contact Lynn at 800-289-3932.

Retail Exhibitor has FOREVER FAITHFUL Camporee 2014 T-shirts, hat, polos, pins, keychains, and so much more for sale now!

Shirts can be customized with a church or club name on many color choices. Want a custom pin or patch to promote your club or conference, no problem they can help. Call customer service at 407-695-4540 or order online 
Click Here.

For more information send an email to

Hope Channel Giveaway

Hope Channel is going to be at the Osh Kosh camporee with some exciting things for your Pathfinders. Look for more information in the upcoming newsletters.

For now, here’s the first: We will be giving away two iPad minis, and here’s how your Pathfinders can enter to win one.   

To celebrate the fact that Hope Channel is the official television network of the Seventh-day Adventist Church with more than two dozen Hope Channel stations worldwide broadcasting in several languages, we will be offering 12 Hope Channel collectibles. Pathfinders who collect all 12 will entered into a drawing for one of two iPad minis.

But here’s the catch. There is only a limited quantity of each of the 12 collectibles.

Acquiring all 12 will require some serious planning, strategic trading, and a lot of patience.   

Don’t give up on that iPad mini so quickly, though. Here’s one way to get a jump start: Have parents complete this online form ( and Hope Channel will mail the Pathfinder one collectible to get started on the quest for an iPad mini even before the camporee begins!

**This agency is independent and separate from Forever Faithful International Camporee.

Trading Pins

Going to the "Forever Faithful Camporee"? W2 Productions is The one who designed and made the Atlantic Union Ferris Wheel pin in 2009.  We can produce an awesome pin for you.

We also can add your logo on T-shirts, polo shirts, banners, backpacks, and much more.

Mention this advertisement and receive something special.

Wimberly Wolfe


**This agency is independent and separate from Forever Faithful International Camporee.

Adventist Risk Management Insurance

Camporee Travel Accident Insurance Now Available!

As Pathfinder Clubs around the world make their travel plans for the 2014 Forever Faithful International Camporee in Oshkosh next summer it is critical to provide travel accident insurance for all Pathfinders and adults in your group.  Adventist Risk Management is pleased to announce special Camporee Travel Accident Insurance is now available for all Pathfinder groups at our website:

For 2014 there are two types of Travel Accident Insurance available depending on your Club’s country of residence:

United States Based Pathfinder Clubs:

Travel & Camporee – Travel accident coverage round-trip from your departure location to Oshkosh, Wisconsin with an addition of up to seven (7) added travel days for personal deviation in route.  This allows Clubs to include side trips/activities in addition to attending the Forever Faithful Camporee.  Cost: $4.55 per person.   Coverage includes:  $50,000 for accidental medical expense, subject to a $100 deductible.  Accidental dental expenses are $250 per tooth subject to a maximum of $500.  Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefits of $50,000.  Additional benefits may apply – See policy summary listed on the ARM website.

Camporee Only – Accident coverage from Monday, August 11th through Saturday, August 16, 2014 during the Camporee event only at the Oshkosh, Wisconsin site.  Cost:  $2.33 per person.  Coverage includes:  $50,000 for accidental medical expense, subject to a $100 deductible.  Accidental dental expenses are $250 per tooth subject to a maximum of $500.  Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefits of $50,000.  Additional benefits may apply – See policy summary listed on the ARM website.
This insurance is underwritten by the ACE Insurance group with rates and coverage unchanged from the 2009 Courage to Stand International Camporee.  This insurance provides your Pathfinder Club with broader coverage than the standard accident insurance provided for Club activities by your Conference.

Internationally Based Pathfinder Clubs:
All Pathfinder Clubs located outside of the United States {including Canada and Bermuda} are unfortunately, not eligible to purchase the ACE travel accident insurance program. International Pathfinder Clubs should purchase ARM’s Short Term Travel Accident Insurance for all Pathfinders and adults traveling with your group.  Several coverage options are available to provide accidental medical/illness expense coverage, emergency evacuation/repatriation and other travel related expenses. Please see the ARM website for a full explanation of coverage options and costs. 
Learn More Click Here
If you need further assistance please call ARM Customer Care – Toll Free  (888) 951-4276

**This agency is independent and separate from Forever Faithful International Camporee.

Lake Michigan Carferry - SS Badger

Big Ship, More Fun!

Experience the fun shortcut across Lake Michigan as you head to the Forever Faithful Camporee in Oshkosh!

The SS Badger provides a safe, fun, and reliable cruise between Michigan and Wisconsin.  Our dock in Wisconsin is only 60 miles from Oshkosh. Badger passengers can take advantage of traditional favorites including free Badger Bingo, free movies and satellite television, seven different lounge areas, a children’s play area, an onboard gift shop, a recently renovated arcade, private staterooms, two separate food service areas, and expansive outside decks for lounging or walking.

The 410’ S.S. Badger, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, can accommodate 600 passengers and 180 vehicles, including RVs, trailers, and buses. The Badger sails daily between Ludington, MI and Manitowoc, WI.

For additional information, please call (800) 841-4243 or visit  Group rates are available to parties of 15 or more passengers.  Call today to book your cruise!

S.S. Badger 1953 - 2013 – Creating Great Experiences for over 60 Years!

**This agency is independent and separate from Forever Faithful International Camporee.

Fundraising Idea


Everyday Matters Magazine has developed a new, creative idea that will bring a $5,000 donation to your Pathfinder Club...PLUS print & ship 15,000 – 25,000 private-labeled magazines for your congregation to use for outreach to your community. First edition has Dr. Ben Carson on the cover -- 32 pages. FREE. Full-color (6” x 9”).

i. Church growth, evangelism & outreach.
ii. Raising $5,000 (better than any traditional fundraising wash, 5 kilometer walk, bake sale, etc).
iii. Connecting congregation with the local business community.
iv. Annuity Concept – $5,000 donation every 1-2 years with future editions of mag.

GUARANTEE: Not one penny comes from the Church or your Club budget. No selling of magazines (they are distributed free). Everything promised comes out of – and only out of -- ad  revenue. There are 43 ads in the magazine and I have developed a "warm market' way for each Pathfinder Club to do this. If this process is followed I believe all of the ads can be sold within 10-25 days (no time pressures from me). Allow me to email you a comprehensive document explaining every detail (FAQ).


PATHFINDERS: Here is a website designed especially for Pathfinder Directors –

For more information contact: Joel A. Freeman – Email:  Cell: 410-991-9718

**This agency is independent and separate from Forever Faithful International Camporee.

Travel Leaders - Travel Agency

Travel Leaders is looking forward to welcoming the 2014 Pathfinder Camporee “Forever Faithful,” back to our wonderful city.

Attendees needing airport transportation from either Chicago O'Hare, Milwaukee General  Mitchell, Green Bay, WI or Appleton, WI can request a quote for rates by following the link provided below.  Our office will be providing transportation from these airports on Aug 10th, 11th, 16th & 17th.

Travel Leaders Airport Transportation Rates

Round trip motorcoach transportation from Chicago, IL to Oshkosh, WI $98.00 per person.

     *Chicago is approximately 3 hours from Oshkosh.

Round trip motor coach transportation from Milwaukee, WI to Oshkosh, WI $70.00 per person.

     *Milwaukee is approximately 1 1/2 hours from Oshkosh.

Round trip bus transportation from Appleton, WI to Oshkosh, WI $35.00 per person.

     *Appleton is approximately 30 minutes from Oshkosh.

Round trip bus transportation from Green Bay, WI to Osh Kosh, WI $46.00 per person.

      *Green Bay is approximately 50 minutes from Oshkosh.

We are pleased to offer attendees to this year's Camporee many exciting, and relaxing day excursions. Each is designed to highlight a unique experience special to Wisconsin and our boarder cousin...Illinois. If you would like to get additional information regarding our excursions, please follow the link below.

Toll Free  -  800-289-3932

**This agency is independent and separate from Forever Faithful International Camporee.

Golden Harvest

Let Golden Harvest provide you with Fresh Florida Citrus, for your Pathfinder Club Fundraising!



•seedless navels

•ruby red grapefruit



• Tangerines

...and more!

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or visit us at...


Contental U.S. and Canada

Sorry not available in AZ, CA, NV or TX

**This agency is independent and separate from Forever Faithful International Camporee.

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