Pastor Ron's Top 10


1. Community Art Coordinator Needed
Work with Gillitte community leaders and local artists to include pathfinders in community art. Contact Pastor Ron.

2. Orchestra Director Needed
See job description here. Send resume to Randy Griffin.

3. Newspaper Editor Needed
See job description here. Newspapers from the 2019 Chosen Camporee can be found here. Contact Pastor Ron.

4. Teaching an Honor
If you would like to teach an honor at the 2024 International Camporee, contact Eddie Heinrich

5. Book your hotel
Please see local offsite lodging options here and book your hotel far in advance.

6. Habitat for Humanity Project Coordinator Needed
Connect Camporee volunteers with the local community. Contact Pastor Ron.

7. Choir Director Needed
Reference the 2019 choir performance here. See job description here. Send resume to Randy Griffin

8. Downtown Parade Coordinator Needed
Work with Gillette community for parade of up to 10,000 pathfinders. Contact Pastor Ron.

9. Fresh Vegetable Harvest Coordinator Needed
Connect the camporee with community growers. Contact Pastor Ron.

10. Quarterly Facebook Live
See past quarterly leadership informational Facebook live events here. Upcoming 2022 dates are listed below.

  • January 9, 2022
  • April 10, 2022
  • July 10, 2022
  • October 9, 2022

Featured News

Pathfinders of Laguna Niguel Seventh-day Adventist Church in California took a road trip across the United States for the Chosen International Camporee in 2019. Stops included Zion, Yellowstone and Arches National Parks as well as Mount Rushmore.
Young people in Inter-America serve their communities on World Pathfinder Day. Learn more...

Belief in creation or evolution takes faith, but come to the 2024 Camporee and find out the latest facts about why Christians believe in a Creator God. See a recent dinosaur film here.

The Chesapeake Conference will provide 3 new honors for the 2024 Camporee.
  1. Coal Honor
  2. North American Prairies Honor
  3. An honor on Media
Religion vs. Science: Bridging the gap between secular science and sacred text. Learn more...

Top Club Chef returns after its International Camporee's debut in 2019. Each NAD conference and world division is to select one chef to represent their territory. More details to come in future newsletters.

The Apopka Florida Pathfinder Club shares the theme song from the 2019 Chosen International Camporee. Watch here...

Pathfinders support town destroyed in Washington wildfire. Learn more...

Rick Remmers is the new Prayer Tent coordinator. If you know a pastor who would like to join this important prayer tent group, email Rick.

Watch the 2019 European Division Camporee theme song. We are currently taking submissions for the 2024 International Camporee theme song here!

Durham Ranch will host one of our offsite activities at the International Camporee! Learn about American buffalo and stand in the herd of 2,000 when you take a tour!
The first 2,500 tickets sold include a backstage tour at the 2024 International Pathfinder Camporee, and we have less than 1,000 tickets left! Purchase your tickets at
Tickets for Camporee
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Ticket Information

International Guests
International guests will not receive ticket refunds for denied US visa requests, so please carefully follow the steps below.

1. Obtain your U.S. visa.
2. Ask your Union Youth Director for the registration code.
3. Go to and purchase your tickets.
4. Contact Nestor Osman with any questions.
North American Division Clubs
Only one account may be created for each church. If your church has created more than one account, please contact us with the account information of those multiple accounts and clarify which account should be the main account.
Can't Register Your NAD Club?
North American Division Pathfinder club directors, if you cannot find your church on the list when you register for the Camporee, please contact us. If your church's number of purchased tickets is incorrect on our reports page, please contact Sam Clough.
The cities of Gillette and Wright Wyoming have created a webpage specifically to keep Camporee participants and their families current on all local activities, happenings or events. Visit it here.
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