2015 Winter Edition
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The Story of Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge

Seven Sheep Find Refuge

On December 3rd we welcomed our first sheep rescues to the Refuge. These seven individuals were saved from a backyard butcher in Hudson Valley, NY. Farm Sanctuary and other local rescues removed close to 200 animals from the farm, where there were dead and dying animals all around. Animals were living in filth and being starved to death. These sheep, including Devira who collapsed during the rescue, will now find peace and love at our sanctuary where we will spend many hours earning their trust and getting to know them as the wonderful individuals that they are. Thank you to all of the donors and volunteers who made our sheep barn possible! Click below to see photos and read more about their amazing rescue.
Holiday Wish List!

The animals of Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge have created their holiday wish list on Amazon! Highlights include cranberry treats, new wheelbarrows for barn cleanings, treat balls, tasty millet, and barn fans. Items on our Amazon wish list will be shipped directly to us! Our small and growing sanctuary is now home to 50 rescued animals. Your support makes this possible and helps us provide them with the best possible care. The chickens, turkeys, goats, sheep, and people who care for them say - THANK YOU!

January Work Day 

Our January work day is scheduled for Saturday, January  23rd. Morning shifts from 8AM - noon and afternoon shifts from 1PM to 5PM are both open. Vegan treats and water are provided to all who volunteer. Help us work on larger projects that benefit the animals of the Refuge and meet other friendly animal lovers. There will also be time for hanging out with our animal residents, including our newest sheep rescues! There are also a few morning shifts left for our December work day, this Sunday the 13th. Sign up for the December work day here, and click below to read more about our January work day. Thank you for pitching in to accomplish larger projects at the Refuge!

School Program Launched

In early Decemebr representatives from the Refuge brought the stories of our rescued residents into Carrboro Elementary School, launching our school program. Around thirty students, from kindergarten to third grade, engaged in games and activities geared towards building empathy for farm animals. The students ended the session by writing letters to our rescued animals, and took home farm animal fact cards with content on their social and emotional lives. We are thrilled to have received this opportunity and can't wait for our next classroom program! Special thanks goes to volunteer Lynn Anderson for her dedication and work on this project.
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