1 April
News of the Quarter
Win Tickets To See Shakespeare In Marylebone
Shakespeare in the Squares returns for its third year to perform A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Paddington Street Gardens on 28 June. And we have six pairs to tickets to give away! 
Calling Fundraisers & Volunteers
We need your help to give a group of 48 of our treasured elderly community a fun-filled day to remember...
It's Pop-up Time Again!
It's Little Greece and The Pequod's turn to tempt you out of the office this week for a mid-week, lunchtime treat...
New Opening 
Award winning French perfumer to open on New Quebec Street...
No S**t Sherlock!
Partial skull and teeth believed to be that of Sherlock Holmes...
Phase 4 Underway
Two Way Project works commence after a six-week break...
Get 10% Off Moriarty's Game
A clue-solving challenge that will have you sleuthing your way across London on the heels of Sherlock Holmes. Will you and your team follow Moriarty into the criminal underworld or, perhaps, double-cross him and side with Sherlock? 
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Did you know?
Nicknamed ‘Napoleon of the criminal world’ by Scotland Yard, American criminal Adam Worth is widely considered Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's inspiration for, James Moriarty, whom Doyle himself called ‘The Napoleon of Crime’...