Can I add coffee?
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Can I add new coffee?

After you mixed the coffee grounds and the mushroom spawn, the mycelium [root system of the mushroom] starts growing. Slowly it works itself through the coffee grounds. On the picture above you can see how the coffee should look after about three days.

The mycelium forms thin white threads throught the coffee grounds. In this example we also added the filter. They exist of paper [woodfibers] and that is something the oyster mushroom loves.

This is not yet the moment to add new coffee grounds. The threads are to thin and the coffee grounds are not white enough.

After 5 days this should be the result. Individual threads are no longer recognizable. The mycelium forms a white mat. But there are still some pieces of black coffee grounds to be seen.

Now is the time to add fresh and moist coffee grounds. Repeat this proces untill the Growkit is filled to the edge of the Growkit.
Every time after you added some coffee grounds to the Growkit, you need to close the lid. This way the coffee grounds stay moist and you keep flies and other fungi out.
Green fungi [Trichoderma] is normally a sign that you added to dry coffee grounds. To solve this, remove a little bit of the green fungi with a spoon. Add moist coffee grounds. 
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