Harvest and start again!
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The next round

You can restart the Growkit

The Growkit is designed to use time after time again. It's not a disposable product. 

The real kitchen farmer removes some of the mycelium [the white stuff] out of the Growkit, empties the remains and used that to restart the Growkits. 

If that is not possible for one reason or another [when you have a contamination with another fungi] or if you are not a kitchen farmer, you can order a small bag of spawn @ RotterZwam.

Restart RotterZwam growkit without spawn
The complete video series ;-)

Here we show you how to restart the Growkit without having to buy new spawn every time. Below we provide additional text and some photo's.
Cut several pieces of mycelium from your Growkit. Molder them and wet them with boiled water which you cooled down to room temperature. After several days you will notice the mycelium starts to grow again. Only then then add moist coffee grounds. Use this to restart the Growkit. Like this you can continue to use and restart you Growkit. :-)

You could also remove 80% from the Growkit, molder the remains and wet it. After several days you will notice the mycelium starts to grow again. Only then then add moist coffee grounds.

Make sure you place new tape over the holes. Use microporous tape [bandage tape] for that. Every drugstore has those on stock. This tape can let oxygen pass through while keeping humidity in and other fungi and flies out. 

No kitchen farmer? Then order spawn.
Order spawn
My favourite recipe is an omelet with oyster mushrooms. But there are so much possibilities.

On our website we collect the best recipes.

Can you tip us with a good website with recipes in English? Place them on our Facebook page so we can add them to this mailing.
Do you want to go one step further? The Hungry bin worm farm can convert all your organic waste [also the remains of your Growkit] into first class compost. It can consume up to 2 kg of organic waste per day [!]

With this worm farm you completely close the organic waste circle. From waste reduction to food production. Are you in? We ship through all of Europe.
More info about Hungry bin
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