It has begun!
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It has begun!

Wow, the mushrooms are starting to,... huh... what are the doing? In technical terms this the primordial phase. In laymans talk it's button formation. 

Oke great, but when can I harvast?

In this mail we help you time your harvast.

Check our time lapse video to get a feeling of what is comming.

Share a picture of your craziest mushrooms and tag us. Together we can make a better world!

Don't forget to make the picture before you harvest. ;-)
So what is the time to harvest? You have two good indicators. The first one is growth. When the mushrooms don't double in size any more it's time to harvest.

The other indicator is the shape of the mushroom head. If you look closely at the orange arrows, you can see the edge of the head is almost horizontal. This cluster has two almost horizontal heads. Harvest time!
To harvest you grab the whole bunch with your hand. Turn it a quarter and it will come off. 

Remove pieces of mushroom pulp near the opening. Add a little bit of water and wait. In two weeks there will be at least one more harvest. 
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