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You are getting it!

Now that you’ve started the growing process and see the white mycelium grow we share some background on meat vs mushrooms and we help you to prevent to get mushrooms in the Growkit.

Did you know that mushrooms are a good replacement for meat? they contain mostly the same nutrients. Just a little bit less protein than meat.  

Next to that a cow needs 25 kg of food to produce 1 kg of meat. Not really efficient right? More then half the world wide production of soya and corn is used to feed animals.

Mushrooms grow on waste and therefore don't compete with the human food chain. @ RotterZwam we think because of these things it is wise to eat more mushrooms and [a little] less meat.
Mushrooms in you Growkit? How is that possible? It's a sign that you waited too long with adding new coffee grounds. The oyster mushroom lacks nutrition and starts to reproduce by forming mushrooms. But too soon for you! You can prevent it by adding coffee grounds sooner.

So don't let the coffee grounds turn completely white. and add moist coffee grounds sooner. You need to be able to see some black of the coffee as in the picture at the top of this mail.
How can we stimulate our kids to use our natural recources smarter? By telling stories. 

These stories seem like fantasy but piece by piece they are tangible examples of closing circles. Mostly based on the circles like they exist in nature. 

The Circulare Economy for the next generation. The fabels are bilingual [English & Dutch] and stimulate different levels of learning. The book is written by Gunter Pauli [Blue Economy] and translated by RotterZwam.
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