Starting the RotterZwam Growkit
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Mushrooms on your coffee waste

From waste reduction to food production

Congratulations with the purchase of the RotterZwam Growkit. The way to show the value of 'waste'. You have enlisted for a series of 7 mails. In this series we help you get started with the Growkit. After the last mail, the mailing stops automatic.

There is also an instruction on the side of the Growkit. Please study that thoroughly before starting to grow your mushrooms.
Not every coffee machine produces coffee grounds that are wet enough.
The right humidity is THE most important factor for success of
1) amount of mushrooms you harvest
2) the number of harvests you have
3) reducing the risk of green mold 

In this tutorial we show you how to get the right moisture of your coffee.
Clean the Growkit and your espresso machine collection tray with a little bit of boiling water before you start collecting coffee grounds.

A dirty collection tray is a place where other fungi find a spot for themselves. And you don't want them in your Growkit.
Add moist coffee grounds. Recognized by the distinctive dark chocolate like colour. 

Coffee grounds from the espresso machine and percolator is often to dry. Recognized by the light brown colour and granular structure. These coffee grounds are in need of some extra water. Don't make it to wet. Then it will become a mush.

Coffee from the filtration machine [as seen on the image above] is the perfect humidity. You can even add the filter. The mushroom will love it.
Mix the content of the bag of spawn with aproximately 100 grams of coffee grounds.

Leave this mixture untill it has become white. [!] Only then you add new coffee grounds [!] Keep the lid closed in the meantime.

Offcourse you can take a peak in the Growkit every now and then.
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