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Website Visitor Identification Drives Revenue

A well branded website with the right content and messaging is critical to your success, but how much are you leaving to chance if you stop there?

As a buyer you know that you're going to visit a company's website to decide if they have what you want and meet your criteria before you engage their sales team.

On average, only 3% of website visitors identify themselves by sharing information to receive whitepapers, e-news, blog content, etc. - what about the other 97%?

Even though every visitor isn't a high value customer, if you have done your homework many likely have an interest - you simply need to help them understand why they need you.

Why wait for those opportunities to raise their hand when you can use technology to help identify them for you? Website visitor identification does this in two ways.
  1. IP (internet protocol) Based: Software ID's the visiting company's IP address and uses a list source to return company contact information.
  2. Cookie Based: Software sets a cookie in the visitors browser that enables the host to track what the identified visitor is doing on the site.
Sophisticated applications of these technologies dynamically tailor your website's content to meet the individual needs of the visitor.  

When integrated into your CRM system, visitor identification can help identify anonymous website visitors and enable your team to maximize their activities on driving revenue.

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3% of website visitors share their information by opting into e-mail lists, blogs or completing forms.

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