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In 2014 there were approximately 950 tech companies that were providing some type of technology to improve marketing. By 2015 that number increased to over 1,900 & growing.

Why the explosion? In the past marketing consisted of expensive advertising and no way to track buyers until they called - turning marketing into more of an art than a science.

As technology took over our lives (internet, e-mail, smartphones, etc.) it became possible to identify, track, measure & target buyers much more accurately than ever before.

In order for your business to get ahead, your marketing must be more effective, than your competition, at staying connected to these customers.

Staying connected means engaging customers where they spend their time, i.e. that same technology that has taken over our lives.

Your company has a website, uses e-mail marketing, leverages social media and maybe even sells online - isn't that enough? The answer is no! not any more.

If your marketing technology doesn't share information, with the systems your staff uses, you are effectively disconnecting the customer from your staff and leadership team.

If you can't get the right information, to the right people, at the right time, to make better leadership decisions, and wow the customer - your competition will! simple as that.

By not engineering marketing technologies to work as a single system you are missing out on your most valuable marketing asset - data! and without it you leave growth to guesswork.

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Only expend resources when you see an opportunity and there is something to gain, act only when an opportunity is attainable.

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Americans spend 4x's more time on mobile devices compared to newspapers and magazines.

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We are excited to welcome Greg Hatt to the King Innovative team. Greg brings deep practical experience in applying analytics to meet client needs through his experience as Solutions Manager at IBM/SPSS.

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