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What is Your Marketing Instinct to Fact Based (Data) Ratio?

Every aspect of business relies on systems to make informed decisions. Accounting, Human Resources, Production and IT all make fact based decisions - does Marketing?

Systems provide 3 valuable key elements that are critical to the success of their department.
  1. Improve performance through systematic processes and documented best practices.
  2. Deliver actionable, data-driven reporting needed to drive change and make more informed decisions.
  3. Eliminate the dependency on "tribal knowledge" and "gut-feel" decision making through data.
How competitive would your company be if individual departments couldn't make fact based decisions? This may be exactly how your marketing is operating, but to what extent?

Discover your marketing instinct:data ratio by rating your performance in the above 3 key areas (on a scale of 1-5, 5=best, 0=none).

Place your score in the "Data" column, fill in the "Instinct" column so that each row equals 5 and total each column to calculate your ratio. (see example below)

Quick Tip

You cannot solve problems with the same thinking that was used to create them.

Additional Tips


Fast Fact

60% of a new buyers information gathering happens before they ever engage your salespeople.

Fast Fact(s)



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