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Marketing Technology Exposes Business Systems Inefficiencies

The primary role of technology in any area of your business is to improve the output of that department - more efficient operations, leads in marketing, revenue from sales, etc., etc.

Any successful technology initiative requires an understanding of how surrounding systems integrate. Operations, for example, requires coordinating purchasing, invoicing, inventory, service delivery and other functions.

These functions are setup and groomed to support one another. Data flows back and forth between systems improving decision making, ease of management and output.

Historically, marketing has had difficulty proving its worth to the organization and individual business units. This is partially due to lagging marketing technology and systems.

The advent of new marketing technology makes it possible to demonstrate and drive marketing's value to the business - creating the need to use data from multiple systems.

Using data from these systems for marketing purposes creates challenges. Before it can add value it must be collected, audited, scrubbed & analyzed.

It is through this process that the following systems inefficiencies are uncovered:
  1. Missing or Incomplete Data
  2. In-accessible Data
  3. Inconsistent Data Formatting
Data inefficiencies typically point to inadequate processes. Addressing these inefficiencies create more robust business processes and add even greater value.

Quick Tip

Successful leadership understands the conditions for marketing success before execution; unsuccessful leadership executes marketing tactics, then looks for success.

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68% of best in class organizations leverage a planning, budgeting and forecasting application vs 47% of all others.

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