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4 Ways to Extract More Knowledge from Marketing Data

Business has been visualizing data through charts and graphs since the first computer. Graphics enable you to see patterns and trends not apparent in tables. 

Unfortunately, all visualizations are not created equal. Following these simple guidelines will ensure that you get the most out of your data analysis efforts.

1. Start with known "clean data". Auditing your data in advance creates the confidence you need and eliminates having to back-track your efforts. Hint: If your results yield unexpected results you may be the victim of bad data.

2. Search out data issues early. Use data visualizations to spot data issues so that you can understand the difference between an unexpected insight and a data issue. Hint: Address data issues before presenting visualizations to maintain confidence in your analysis.

3. Keep it simple. Limit the number of key metrics you are reporting to 10 or less. Too much information can lead to inaccurate conclusions and create confusion. Hint: If your visualization looks cluttered, it is.

4. Use the right charts. Choose the right graph for the job. Pie charts for example, work best for comparing parts of a whole as opposed to different sets of data. Hint: Avoid putting too much information in any single chart.

Following these simple guidelines will help ensure that you are not simply creating graphs and charts but designing meaningful visualizations that will enable your team to extract more knowledge from your marketing data.

Quick Tip

Do not spend resources on what you think is happening, rather spend resources to learn what is really happening.

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95% of companies who successfully implemented analytics utilized external resources.


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