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5 Ideas for Stop-Motion Videos

Stop-motion is a great way to tell a story. A story that goes way beyond traditional video and images.

Did you know that stop-motion exists since 1898? Find out about that and other cool facts in my latest article:

Behind The Scenes 🎥

I want to introduce you to Kevin Parry. Well, it is actually likely that you know him already, since he has more than 1M followers on Instagram, and 800K subscribers on YouTube. He defines himself as stop-motion animator and video wizard. Kevin actually inspired me to write this article today.

Kevin has done many stopmotion videos and is definitely a king in the niche. He specializes in mind-blowing illusions and crazy stopmotion techniques. Recently he started doing tutorials on how he does his stopmotion videos.

Let's get behind the scenes of one of his latest videos – the skateboard stop-motion animation.

Stop-motion Checklist ✅

Here is a go-to checklist for making stop-motion videos:

✅ Constant light – a lamp or LED light (sunlight might flicker)
✅ Tripod, or anything that will hold the camera in place without moving
✅ A plan – good stopmotion video requires a good choreography

In the news ⚡️

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