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👀 The power of perception

Happy friday video campers! 👋🏕
And a warm welcome to all new subscirbers! It's been a while (more than a month) since the last newsletter. That's due to tons of work and private life. Trying to squeeze in some travel, while being busy on all fronts.

👉 What I've been up to, and is it OK to take a break?
Recently I've been up to lots of editing, and some filming, but honestly - trying to take a break from being "super active", and instead taking it easy...

This was never meant to be the topic of this newsletter – but seriously, if you feel a creative block, or any block at all - take a break. That will help you to focus on the next big thing, instead of digging into a dead end.
👉 VFX are 🔥on Instagram Reels
Watch @mikediva and @willsmith's video for the power of perception. 👇
Watch @zachking getting busted. 🚔🚨👇
👉How to make a commercial people won't skip
There are some very basic rules for making a video that promotes something (i.e. – a commercial). It doesn't matter how experienced you are as a videographer – if your idea is lacking passion, your video most likely won't be successful.

Wondering where to begin, and how to ensure a successful video from script to filming and post-production? 👉How to make a commercial people won't skip.
👉 Announcing Windows 11 (Official Video)
Needless to say, it's a great video with smooth animations, and footage with warm tones, that creates a nice vibe. Although I'm more on the Mac side, I can't wait to try out Windows 11 – I think both operating systems have unique user experience.
That's it for now ✌️Have a great week! Stay healthy and creative.
Have a question? You can reply directly to this e-mail or send me a message on LinkedIn. I'd be more than happy to have a chat 💬.
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