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It's 100+ of us 💯

Camp News 🏕

When I first designed the website, I needed a catchy phrase for the signup form. I didn't just want it to say "Subscribe", so I thought what would be a good motivation for anyone to join the group. I came up with the idea to have a number that represents the people who are already in the community... as you can guess, at that time we had 0 people subscribed.

So I named the button "Join 100+ others" with the motivation to reach that number in the first week. And we did it!  🎉😮👏

Today's Highlight ⚡️

It was a busy week around the launch 🚀and all the other projects on my plate, but I have something special prepared.

I wrote a short article about why typography matters in video production.

What has typography to do with making videos?​ Read it.

Weekly Inspiration ☀️

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